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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Does UK Universities Need To Offer Better Learning Experience To International Students?

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If you are planning to study a management programme from a leading B-school in the UK as an international student, then it is certainly a great idea as you will receive high quality education and will become eligible for lucrative career opportunities. At present, the United Kingdom is among the foremost destinations for most international students, which has almost holding around 12.6 per cent of the worldwide recruitment market. However, several higher education experts believe that the viability of such a market is becoming increasingly uncertain.

                              Drop In International Students 

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During the 2013-2014 period, enrollments for both non-EU and EU students have fallen significantly. Where as non-EU learners comprise 48 per cent of the UK postgraduate STEM courses, you can see a 50 per cent fall in the number of postgraduate students from India. Dr. Thushari Welikala , lecturer in higher education at King's College London, wrote in a recent post in The Guardian,
“The falling numbers have been attributed to a range of factors: increasing global competition, the strict migration policy of the UK and the emerging new regional markets such as China, Egypt, Japan and Malaysia. ” She added “But there is another issue that universities are often less keen to discuss: are international students satisfied with the quality of their university experience while studying in the UK? ”
Around 24 per cent of the complaints submitted to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator last year mostly came from international students. This must send some cautionary which should send some cautionary messages to the higher education sector. I believe the main issue here is that UK higher education treats the international student experience simply as a “catch-all phrase.” Most UK universities take steps to provide support to international learners, allowing them to interact with home learners and become critical thinkers. But this approach is simply not proving effective.

               Need For Improving The Learning Experience

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Most studies on international student experience concentrates on the differences in learning styles or the cultural differences among home and foreign learners. However, this divide between foreign and home students has resulted in some counterproductive descriptions and misleading expectations.
Welikala wrote “Universities need to change their perceptions about how students learn and why they are here. Students today – whether home or international – have access to multiple ways of learning. They make use of a range of learning sites both physical and virtual. The so-called “passive Asian students” are very smart users of modern technology and are well connected with the online world. They are already international.”

                                 A Better Study Option

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If you ask me, studying business online from a reputed UK business school is a much better decision than going for traditional college education from the UK. Why? Firstly, you will be able to save a lot of money and avoid student debt as you will not be required to excessively high fees. Online business courses offered by leading UK schools are highly affordable as they aim to expand the reach of education. Moreover, by pursuing online study UK you will get excellent flexibility and convenience. This will allow you study and work a full time job simultaneously. However, if you are concerned about the quality of education, then you will be glad to know that most leading B-schools and universities in the UK offer the same curriculum and content in the online courses as in their on campus programmes.
You will be able to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the core management concepts and develop essential skills that will empower you to accomplish your professional goals. The degree/diploma you will earn by studying in an online business management School UK will make you eligible for the best career opportunities in your desired field, not just in the UK, but across the globe.
If you want the best learning experience as an international student, then the smartest option for you will be to opt for online business education as it will offer you significant professional and personal benefits.

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