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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

With Universities Re-framing The Course-Design, Distance Learning Top Up Degrees Can Succeed

Online learning has grown widely for several years. But, still many are sceptical about e-learning. However, individuals who took online courses have earned better prospect for themselves. For instance professionals who are engaged in top up degree online programme has gained key skill and
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knowledge. The similar courses have helped professionals to obtain a key position in a company and take further studies.
To prevent the disengagement or drop-out from an online course universities can remodel their e-learning. Educational institutes have to evaluate how distance learning courses can entice students. Several measures can be taken in this regard. New and innovative teaching techniques should be adapted to engage the learners. To avert drop-out more education new technology like- learning applications has to be introduced. Universities have to think beyond uploading video contents and text docs. Let us discuss the other measures adjoining which disassociation of the learners could be checked.

Purpose Of Learning

Students take higher studies with a definite goal. Many professionals take distance learning top-up degrees to accelerate their career. Such online courses not only lead the formation of new skill and knowledge in an individual but also serves as the gateway for further studies for career advancement. Thus, universities have to remodel their courses. Distance courses should contain meaningful learning that will appease the knowledge quest of the learner. The outcome of the learning should allow to expedite the career of the learner. You can check this video:

Technique & Tool: Online Courses

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In any form of education – traditional or online, learning heavily rely on the teaching. It's the incite online instructors. They have to help teachers to innovate new teaching practice to raise the quality of education. In distance learning top up degrees institutes adapt new methods of teaching which help the learner to understand the latest trend of the market and industry.

Apart from improving the quality of the teaching universities have to device digital tools to the meaningful utility. Professionals taking top up degree online say that digital resources have helped them to balance work, life and learning. It signifies that an online course caters customised learning to match the requisite of the learner.

Learning In The New Age Is “Real”

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Educating the students does not mean providing the bookish knowledge. In the real world, knowledge with practical learning is crucial. The outcome of the education is decisive to imprint the ability of an individual. Universities need to understand that those who opt for online study prefer personalised learning. Hence, the online course programmes behave as home tutor to the student. It should be adequate enough to conciliate the need of the students. With the latest technology in hand, online learning courses should enable the learners to create and share instead of restrained to MCQ's and warehouse of text documents. While framing purposeful distance learning courses, universities have to engage to regular evaluation so that alterations can be made for the benefit of the online learners.

Engaging Learners

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There is no doubt that online learning is the most convenient mode of obtaining learning in the edtech and cost effectiveness makes it an effective tool of knowledge. But ignoring the causes of disassociation between the e-learning and students could affect the true purpose of online education. Thus, universities have to reconsider the design of the courses to ensure the engagement and successful culmination on the online programmes.

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Steps To Improve Student's Education Through Online Learning

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The thought towards education is changing. Now, education administrators are keen on drafting meaningful learning system to match with the pace of the real world. Online education has bought new dimension in the existing education set up. But, there is a scope of making it even more useful than the existing model. In the USA, the Wyoming Department of Education has recommended new online learning model. The recommended model is set to offer more support to the traditional and online students. The proposal is new approach towards making online education a more effective tool of knowledge. Likewise, models could be proposed across the countries to ensure the success of online learning purpose. However, a scope of further improvisation has to be there. Decision makers should not adopt rigid attitude towards drafting the new strategy for online learning. Ideas should be incorporated from different quarters of the society. But those ideas should not be implemented only after careful analysis.

Evaluation Of Online Learning

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Web learning is devised to benefit all. But concern lies with the traditional learners. The designer of online learning face challenges from the traditional students. For them the digital campus and learning process is new. For long they remain dependent on the practices of the campus learning. But e-learning is different. Here too much depends on the learner like motivation, pace and capacity of the students. There is optimum chances that they might opt out of e-learning in the midst of the course. Considering this, new model of distance learning should help the learner to adapt and culminate the online course hassle free. The model of learning should not ignore the benefit of the existing online students. See how you can enhance your learning experience.

Guiding The Learner

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Full and part time learning models should be designed to cater constructive learning. Both the model should match up the skill and knowledge perquisite to the learners. It should thoroughly guide the student how the particular course will benefit to the real purpose of the learner. We often miss the concept of constructive learning. But the old mistake should not be repeated.

Courses On The Right Track

Number of online school and colleges are increasing every. But the entrusted body has to has to keep strong vigil that the course actually moves on the right track. It should also also monitor the learning activity, whether it matches the standard of the online learning. The constant evaluation should also keep tab on the teachers and their instruction techniques.

That's Not All

Probably because of human nature, we think what we do is right. But in the real world things are different. Success comes from a collaboration of idea and efforts. Online education is considered as future of education. Thus, to make it futuristic learning, framing effective online learning is must. New ed tech and meaningful learning resources should be incorporated to frame a comprehensive online learning platform.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Demand For Easy Accessibility Of Educational Domains

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The demand for the skilled workforce is growing. Industries across the countries are facing a similar issue. Hence, the need to provide know-how and training to the unskilled workforce has gained momentum. In Germany a body of experts from industry and higher education have raised an alarm. It warns that the country lacks the skilled workforce. The body emphasizes the need on the greater accessibility for academic and vocational education. The concern is growing spreading in the European regions as well. Voice is raised to make immigration laws simple for the qualified foreign national so that they can pop in hassle free. Read on..

Filling The Gap With Practical Skill Development

To eradicate the issues related to the lack of skilled workforce can be settled through different
Image Courtesy: goo.gl/g5yo4J
measures. Experts lay emphasizes on delivering secondary education to the individuals. According to them, school learning should inform students on how they can advance their career with further study options. Transfer of credit system should be transmitted to them which cuts down the duration of learning courses. Moreover, students should know the outcome of the academic and vocational education, however, both should not clash with each other.
There is no second opinion on that education blended with practical training could lead to valuable skill development. The industry based knowledge will increase the scope of opportunity for the learner.

Vocational Education

Image Courtesy: goo.gl/jdXeQY
Image Courtesy: goo.gl/Vzkvu0
Many experts view that educational institutes should allow to take higher learning to the students possessing accredited vocational education. They say, it'll allow students to take more advance level of education. Thereby, students will gain the knowledge and skill of the industries and will develop a know-how towards the current market trend. There is no denial that vocational education is different from higher education. But similar to the higher this professionals can make more when given the opportunity to take higher studies. The knowledge at higher level of education will develop further potential of the professionals.
learning the importance of vocational education should not be ignored. There are many who have vocational education and decent work experience.

Learning From Crisis

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The gap between skilled labour and industry will expand if the concern does not adhere. From the global economy it's utmost essential that we take lesson. The existing crisis of lack of skilled labours could pose severe toll on the economy. The concern raised in Germany is not confined to the region only. The nature of the concern basically is related to the world economy. Job opportunities will increase. But is there sufficient workforce with industry know-how? It's very evident from the reports and surveys across the countries that there are inadequate labour force with demanded skill. However, online learning programs and likewise several initiatives have kicked off in many countries. The distance learning courses offering higher studies incorporates many programs where student can obtain essential knowledge and skill. Take a look at one such success video of online learning porgram.

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Online Learning - The Most Affordable Degree

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Online education has brought revolution to the global learning system. The e-learning offered by top rank distance learning universities and colleges is attracting students across the world. Loaded with the most advanced technology professional courses are being offered. The flexibility of time, affordable university degree, and digital study material have generated learning interest among the students. As the demand for e-learning has gone up, world's top universities and colleges are aiming to provide quality study material with practical training. Online learning-what next? The question is already storming the mind of think tanks and the educationists.

Online education booming 
Online Learning
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Loaded with advantages, e-learning is rising as the most favorites form of education structure among the students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics more than five million students, which is 25 percent of the university and college students, have enrolled in various online courses. According to the statistics, 14 percent of the students have enrolled in traditional and distance learning courses whereas 11 percent entirely selected distance course.

Rise in distance learning

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Sensing the trend educational institutions have intensified online offering of education. According to the 2014 Survey of Online Learning schools with five thousand or above enrollments offer web learning. The survey held by the Babson Survey Research Group and co-sponsored by the Pearson, OLC (Online Learning Consortium), and Triton Partners.
Courses offered by educational institutions are adding distance learning program. This ultimately leading to the recognition along with the revenue generation. There are knowledge agencies who aim profit. These education agencies provide support for campaigning of the course and server. In return, they get a share of profit from the schools.

E-learning in curriculum 
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Massive open online courses (MOOC) offers e-learning with extensive divergent courses. It engages top educational institutions and faculty. Since it is free, institutes which for so long has ignored online learning are now integrating into their curriculum. These institutes have realized that online learning shoves off cost pressure with scope to offer varied courses. Most importantly these new age courses with digital study material and affordable university degree fulfill the aspiration of the students who aim to pursue such course at abroad.

Learning support 

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To benefit the students Universities and Colleges have taken technology to a new level. A dedicated app for smartphones and tablets been launched. Students sitting on with PC or laptop can also login to the University and College website to study. Students can interact with faculty via online audio-video mode. It helps the learner to get support from the educator.

Affordable online degree from the UK

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Most students or the employed search for a low-cost online course. As online distance learning is not cost burden, Universities and Colleges offer cheap online learning. The cost affordable courses attract students as it hardly puts the burden on their finance. In England, students and employed search for low cost online course. As online distance learning is not cost burden, Universities and Colleges offer cheap online learning. The cost affordable courses attract students as it hardly puts burden on their finance. Hence, affordable online degrees from UK is attracting students from different parts of the world.

Ascending and growing 

Image Source: bit.ly/1XBdgIe

Online education is an effective and career development oriented. E-learning comprises integrated system of learning with interactive high definition audio-visual graphics making online learning interesting and relevant. Universities and colleges providing professional online distance courses, a student can surely bank upon the new age learning method.

We would like to know from you. Comment below with your thoughts and opinion.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How To Evaluate The eLearning Performance?

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It is very important to know whether the investment in your in the training via e-learning is giving you a payback for your money. In order to evaluate the process, here are some quick methods to follow:

Kirkpatrick’s four-level evaluation model

Image Source: bit.ly/1HaFWOG

The tool used to measure the training performance is known as Kirkpatrick’s four-level evaluation model. It comprises of four stages such as

1. Reactions

2. Learning

3. Behavior

4. Results

Among the four steps mentioned above, step1 was easily measurable, but the step2 and beyond were quite difficult to account. Recently few developments have been made to scale the learning process survey.

Step 1: Reactions Of Students: 
Image Source: bit.ly/1NAt1dK

The modern evaluation tools come with the inbuilt analysing provisions that gauge the reaction of the students through few simple steps even if they are conducting their courses online. The feedback received from the students are then divided into varies sectors and evaluated to bring upon an imperative effect on the online training process.

Step 2: Learning of the Students: 
Image Source: bit.ly/1LYFvcq

The most suitable technique to judge the positive impacts of the training module is to conduct a "pre and pro" assessment test. This means before the training conduct a test to gauge the knowledge content of the candidates followed by another test at the end of their training. This will give you a benchmark data regarding the impact of the training and how well it was conducted.

Step 3: Behavior Change: 
Image Source: bit.ly/1ihkS2B

Step 3 comprise the evaluation tools that deal with the behaviour and change in the skill sets of the candidates before and after the training procedure. If the training had made a positive and constructive impact on the candidates if would be easily visible in their work report. In cases where it is difficult to quantify the visual effect of the training, data reports are collected and analysed to make a conclusion. The best way is to appoint a supervisor or manager who would work closely with learners to assess their behavior and capabilities both before and after the training.

Step 4: Effects On The Business: 
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It is the final step of judge that ultimately concludes that whether the online training has made an imperative effect on the business. Sometimes it might be a long-term process as the effects may not be immediately reflected. Whereas in some cases like the sales departments, the effects can easily be noticeable by the changes in the sales figure.

The Final Takeaway:

Image Source: bit.ly/1KFed93

As the role of learning inside organizations changes with time and business requirements, so will the evaluation tools need to be modified to imprint the actual data of those e-learning modules on the business.

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

UK Schools Adopt Chinese Style Lessons

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A study conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found out that school children in the UK had stagnated in recent years as compared to China and other east Asian countries.

Chinese Schooling System :

Chinese education system believes in evening classes, curtailing the lesson break to indulge more in the key subjects and also to encourage serious measures to stop children from bunking STEM subjects.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1ONzTrm

Elizabeth Truss in a speech said, “Teachers need to learn from the Asian tigers to ensure pupils catch up with their peers in top-performing countries.”
International League urges that the UK kids are up to three years behind those in the Far East.

Addressing the Oxford Conference in Education, Mrs Truss said, “We need to be much more ambitious. Our ambition must be to out-educate the rest of the world. Until we agree that doing well is an unequivocally good thing and that it is attainable by all, we will continue to waste talent.”
In order to upgrade the quality of the global students and focus more into education, the government should adopt measures like staging an hour-long after-school classes in place of homework tasks and eliminating time-wasting during the day and converting that into an additional half-hour “enrichment” lesson.

Check out the opinion of various educationists and student counselors on the merit system of China.

The Change :

The UK Government organised a paid trip for a team of leading teachers of UK to China, last year to find out how schools in China have successfully improved the standards of maths and science and indulged the young minds into them.

Depending on the Chinese curriculum, a report had been prepared to reform the UK education system. These are few amendments suggested:

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1GxKeog

1. The “slack time” on the day sessions should be cut down. The wasted minutes are cumulatively converted into a 30-minute “enrichment session”.

2. Teachers could utilise the “enrichment session” to squeeze in additional “fast learning activities” for pupils in maths.

3. To utilise the evening timings effectively, schools have to introduced a series of hour-long after-school maths classes – in place of homework.

4. The report also suggested additional changes such as including advanced maths topics for younger primary school pupils, focus on mental arithmetic and also providing in-service training for teachers.

Mrs Truss said, “Our ambition must not just be to catch up with Germany and Poland but to overtake them,” she said. “Not just to learn from the Asian tigers but add to it – do it better, smarter, more creatively.”
UK schools should engage more into running a longer day session and teaching into the evenings and weekends to raise standards. The new rules unveiled last year, get the privilege to purge out the traditional schooling system and offer extended learning modules to all primary and secondary students.

Image Courtesy: dailym.ai/1GxKrrO

A Department for Education spokesman said: “In 2010 only a handful of schools were allowed to offer a longer school day. The government is giving all schools the freedom to set the length of the school day and term to meet the needs of their parents and pupils.Teaching children in high-quality lessons after school mean pupils have access to the excellent facilities and teaching available at the school, with clear benefits to children’s attainment.”

The Bottom Line :

The growing IT skill gap among the younger generations in the UK, have raised the eyebrows of many. In order to tackle the further skill gap in the UK economy, the education system needs to re-restructured to bring in the interest of younger minds in science and maths.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Is Online The Best Way To Study Business?

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Want to get a business degree? Getting ready to boost your career by studying business? But are you ready to bear the heavy weight of student loans? If not, then you need to consider online business studies. Today you can find numerous quality business management courses online that help you acquire necessary skills and earn an accredited degree. In fact, with growing demand for online courses, opportunities for studying online are increasing exponentially. Take a look..

Why go online

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1FWyYl2

Many experts believe that eLearning can prove to be an effective tool for college and business education as over 39 per cent of learners in the UNC system pursued at least a single online course during the 2013-14 academic year. Although online learning primarily helps those learners who are unable to pursue traditional classroom based courses due to various reasons like financial and geographical obstacles, still female learners and African-American students are mostly overrepresented in eLearning.

Marty Kotis, chairperson of the Online Education Working Committee and member of the UNC-system Board of Governors, said “It serves people that are trying to balance their lives. They’re trying to balance work and family and going to school. It also serves people that are in rural areas as well.”
He believes that by studying online learners can avoid students debts and other costs like housing and travel expenses costs related with a traditional B-school or university experience.
Kotis added “In online ed, you don’t have all those extra fees sitting in. So if you look at it that way, it’s about half the cost — not to mention the opportunity cost.”

He spoke about a female learner at the Winston-Salem State University, who utilised online courses to earn a recognised degree as her existing job prevented her from studying a traditional course.

He added “I think the flexibility is critical — the asynchronous nature of the education — so they can choose when they’re learning is key.”
So if you are also planning to earn a business degree then accredited online diploma in management courses can be certainly beneficial for you.

Best way to study business

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1KZppkA

By studying business online you will be able to understand the core business concepts as well as develop required management and leadership skills in the most flexible and convenient way.

Moreover, you will also develop a thorough understanding of how a business works and will be able to lead your company towards success. By pursuing an online business diploma you will be able to become an effective manager and business leader in a flexible and affordable way. This will allow you to work and study simultaneously and land the next big promotion.

But do online business courses offer you adequate interaction opportunities?
Jenna A. Robinson, president of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, said “You can set up online forums or opportunities for chatting online, but it’s not the same as having a Socratic discussion in a classroom together.”

An exciting way to learn

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1Me2SOC

However, Marty Kotis believes restricted interaction can actually be beneficial for online learners.
He said “Think about in a lecture class how much you actually communicate with other people. You don’t really.”
Moreover, with the utilisation of gamifcation, use of digital games for learning, online business education can reach the next level.

Kotis added “This is really an exciting time for students and the opportunities they’re going to have because of online ed. We are just at the starting point of this.”
What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Launch of Kio Kat at The BRCK To Revolutionise Education

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1KNVHil

Africa one of the developing continents in the world map , has still been facing a lot of problems. It reached technology yet problem arises when it tries to grasp technology in its fist. These problems still hinder Africa in various ways.

Expensive technology

Africa already witnessed the beginning journey of the mobile technology and it is quite correct to say that the utilisation of it is not seen but applied. The fact that worries is that technology still remained unreachable to many children in the continent because of its expensive quality and it becomes strong obstacle for the children to move it.

The light of hope

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1YQtoaq

The Lighthouse Grace Academy in Dagoretti, Nairobi, is the part of a superb pilot programme for a new initiative on education. It will provide the glimpse of technology oriented teaching in the emerging market.

The BRCK educational programme was launched in the capital of Kenya highlighting various educational and other problems of the country.

The Kio Kit

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1iNBSxY

The BRCK Kio Kit is a roughened tablet that can be easily carried ruggedised suitcase where the device is actually wirelessly charged.

When the web-server is turned on then the 'micro-cloud' represents the same educational data which are normally shown in the online mode without the expensive costs of the data. It happens as the tablet has a Raspberry Pi computer attached with it.

It is nothing but the representation of the friendship of technology and education. Educational contents are supplied from Kenya and from educational giants like Pearson.

The Aim of BRCK

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1JFnAoG

The aim of BRCK is to help the African students with the help which they need from the internet but are unable to get it. Such entrepreneurial spirit of Kenya is praised by the US President Barrack Obama.

BRCK was co-founded in Ushahidi by Reg Orton and Philip Walton in the year 2013. It took a kickstarter of $1,25,000 and then was raised to $1,70,000.
Walton says “Internet access is equally about power; sometimes it’s more about power,”
The fact is that the Kio Kit is physically stout as well as its software is basically superb in its performance.
Walton further says Now we’re moving the computing power from servers in San Francisco to rural communities with all the power of the internet,” says Orton, BRCK’s chief technology officer.

The hope of the light of hope

image Courtesy : bit.ly/1QMocOP

According to a UN report, the BRCK hopes to change the educational system of the continent as it is ready to address the education challenges of 410 million African schools under the age of 14 – a number that is anticipated to 800 million schools children by 2050.

What is more to the Kit is that not only learning but also teaching becomes effective and interesting with it.
The CEO of BRCK says “Where everyone saw wireless charging as a luxury item, we saw it as something to serve the ordinary people,”
BRCK education President Nivi Mukherjee says “We need to make the learning process fun and interesting,”
Walton says “We didn’t think of communities that live on boats, or in remote mountains in Europe,” and Orton adds We’ve always seen ourselves as a Kenyan company. But the problems extend past Kenya.”
Principal Jenga thinks “I believe that it has a very big future, a very bright future.”

Education with technology

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1VpbcFH

Education needs the help of technology in today's world and it will result in the brighter future of the students – especially those of Africa. The Kio Kit is the guide to them towards the path of the brighter future of Africa.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Impact Of Social Media On Online Learning

According to a 2013 Babson and Pearson Learning Solutions survey, about 41 percent of professors conduct online and face-to-face classes and are comfortably using social media platforms in their teaching.

What does this proof?

The survey indicates the huge revolutionary change that technology has brought to education. More the population is inclined towards been tech savvy individuals, more the concept of online learning is evolving. By now , everybody is well acquainted with the concept of online education since its introduction in 1990, but the use of social media in the learning field is still fresh.

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1N09GoZ

Even a decade ago, social media was only used for sharing social updates and multimedia files like images and videos. Connecting with friends and maintaining a social profile was the priority for the social media. Now, social platforms are much more than that. Apart from staying connected with friends, these platforms create social awareness, allows you to stay connected with the world news, even build professional relations and create discussion forums to voice a solution on any particular issue, promoting business and even posting job vacancies. Adding another feather to the cap, using it for online learning.

The Online Learners:

The online faculties encourage these medium to create a common base for the students where they can interact with among themselves as well as their mentors, discuss about their learning updates, clarify doubts and even solve issues related to study.

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1jxvD2a

Associate professor Michael Menchaca of the University of Hawaii constantly stay connected with his online student batch through these electronic media.
The tools remain a natural way for students to communicate given their prevalence today – even for adult students, says Abbie Brown, professor in the department of mathematics, science and instructional technology education at East Carolina University.

Even though the electronic media is not extensively used but it is now the pivot of the education system. It remains as the platform for getting information, even in aspects of research, and in finding emerging trends.

The Voice :

I personally believe that when you are on these platforms, searching for a particular topic, numerous other topics related to that pops up in your related search. It is quite obvious, you do not bother to search all of it, you at least click on five of them. So you have five new topics to learn. This searching intensity widens your knowledge base, leaving you crave for more.

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1LOwNRK

Another unique way of using these social platforms is “Start Blogging”. Create your own educational blogs and post study assignments, online classroom experience or any other educational posts. Allow your fellow batchmates and your online instructor to post comments and suggestions. This is a great method to improve your social learning skills.

Recently I conducted an online survey regarding the reviews of educational instructors on the impact of social media on the distance learning system. To know more about the detail conversation click on the link given below.


Clearly it is proven, that every the educational advisors' admit its vast, vivid and unparallel influence to the online learning.

The Effect :

The most popular social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin to name a few, have discussion forums where constructive educational discussions are done to bring about a imperative approach regarding the education system. Professors, researchers and even students create discussion poll for a generalised mass opinions and even bring out the best for any topic.

Image Courtesy : bit.ly/1VmvdMT

Social media has become so popular among the mass, that every website now provide social sharing buttons to promote themselves and create a mass opinion for them.

The introduction of mobile apps made these networking media gain momentum, and now it stands out strong against the traditional books and classroom notes.

Kindly share your views about what you feel the impact and importance of networking platforms on education.

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Impact Of Technology On Education

Image Source: bit.ly/1PIW1jF

Technology has already begun to pull the chariot of education. It already took up the responsibility of enriching education making it to reach newer heights of brighter possibilities. It is expected that education will be able to reach its paramount position with technology by its side.

The technology infrastructure

Image Source : bit.ly/1h2eyLC
The advent of technology and its implementation in education making it effective is responsible for the schools to seek ways to implement technology in them. But the requirements of such implementation has also been the subject to change. The change occurred in finding normal connectivity options to gaining bandwidth connections that allows the operation of more complex applications.

The research

Image Source : bit.ly/1bJydhM
A lot of research is done on the exact quality and effectiveness that technological education offers. Yet it is found that the companies representing the technological education itself are responsible to conduct the researches. Such a thing doubts the validity and the objectivity of the research. Apart from that, these kinds of researches are time consuming and cannot keep up with the contrary fast pace of the developing technological implementations.

Now let us have a look on the process of technology's implementation on education:

E-learning or digital learning

Image Source : bit.ly/1nNaJXD
E-learning is the interestingly effective platform of education in the virtual arena. The e-learning methodologies are different as well as interesting. It effectively offers the required education for a learner. Added to that, there are some technologically advanced tools which makes it more enriched.

Virtual schools or online schools has originated from the concept of e-learning and, expectedly, the modern learners are on the lookout for them.

What are the reasons of such an inclination of the learners? Let's take a look:

1. It is observed that the learning style is different and efficient when it comes to e-learning and the learners finds it interesting and beneficial. 

2.E-learning is flexible in nature. It offers the flexible classes in which the learners can proceed according to their own pace. 

3.It is a lot more student-friendly way of education than the traditional one as it allows access to customised educational contents. 

4.Online instructors and quality faculty members can be reached in e-learning through video lectures.

5.Distance learning schools are cost-effective. 

6.E-learning also represents credit recovery in which a learner can retake classes that he/ she did not pass in a different way.

The International Association for K-12 online learning or INACOL said in a report entitled “A National Primer on K-12 Online Learning” that at the end of 2010, 27 states and the district of Columbia had full-time online schools serving students across the state.

Mobile computing shows game-based learning

Image Source : bit.ly/1Rb0tZs
The increasing use of the mobile devices and their falling costs paved the way for education to meet games for making a revolutionary educational tool as the game-based learning. According to the educators, game based learning has the ability to visualise the path of career to the students and they can get a more prominent realisation of profession. It builds the sense of collaboration; team-work; problem solving and decision making abilities.

The National Science Foundation has cooperated a lot to provide web-based science games like Crystal Island which is developed by IntelliMedia group at the North Carolina University.

The Horizon report predicts that mainstream classrooms will adopt the use of games in education by two to three years.

Interactive social networking

Image Source : bit.ly/1NWJZ77
Interactive social networking is an effective way of education in the distance learning schools  as it makes the learners more enthusiastic in education. A collaborative and coordinating mentality grows in them. Teachers also are in favour of it as it allows the learners to communicate with their peers all over the world.

Some of the schools have already implemented social networking tools like Facebook in education.

The social networking site Ning has group sites centred around teaching a specific subject.

Twitter provides an interesting educational tool known as the EdChat. It is a one-hour conversation per week on pre-arranged topics.

Web 2.0 and similar technological tools are aiming to make digital portions of the students' work with a more increased pace and easier availability.

The Verdict :Education and Technology join hands

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It is clearly observed that a lot of beneficial elements are attached with education by e-learning. Technology has provided education a new platform where it is more varied and more enriched. This enriched education increases the total enrichment of all of the aspects of the society and this simultaneous process has been possible with the equal collaboration of education and technology.

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