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Monday, 28 March 2016

Online Learning Is A New Concept To Many US Learners Who Prefer To Another Learning Platform

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There are hundred and thousands of students who think online learning is the tool that can help them to gain knowledge. That's why the number of e-learners is growing every year. Online IT diploma courses and MBA programmes are the most preferred among the e-learning courses. But there are many who still have no clue about online learning. In many places distance learning exist but have no online attached to it. Though, it's believed that sooner or later institutes having the postal system of distance learning will conjoin with e-learning. Although many have access to the internet and mobile devices yet they are unaware of the online education. Read on.

Strange about online education?

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IT is the career that offers bright career. Looking to enter into the same profession students from different nationalities enrol to online information technology courses because of its incredible benefits. But in the US, it seems many yet to know about it. The Pew Research Centre has done the survey on Personal Education and Technology with 3000 American adults. According to the report, 74 percent of the US learners termed them as Personal Learners and 36 percent coined them as Professionals Learners. The majority of the students preferred libraries, high schools, worship places ignoring the web. The report reflected that US learners were unknown to the idea of online learning including Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). It seemed that they are aloof to the concept of the MOOC and modern education i.e web learning. Here check at out some other similar other online courses that are also helping the students.

The digital gap

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It seems that there is the digital divide. Compare to the rich, people from low-income group are less known to the online education. So when from the stable background is taking his/her first step of learning IT skills with online IT diploma courses, students from poor financial background have zero access to web education.

According to one report author of Pew Research Centre's John Horrigan,

“It becomes a bit of a double whammy for less-educated Americans. They’re less attuned to seeking out educational opportunities than other segments [of the population], and less skilled at using new technologies that might help them overcome those gaps.”
Hence, to make sure that no digital divide persist we need to make sure everyone have equal access to technology to receive education via online. So IT career aspirants can take online information technology courses and prepare for the next level.

What next?

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All the stakeholders of the education including the government have to undertake measure so that digital inequality ends and online learning is made available to all. There should be awareness programme or workshop on online learning. Here, learners should be briefed regarding the merits of online education and scopes earned through it. Online education has already been termed as the future of learning. Hence, ignoring it would mean neglecting the future. So, put future of the learners at risk when they can make most from e-learning. On the other hand, learners also will have to make sure that they remain committed to the new form of learning rather bearing casual approach towards web learning.

How unfamiliarity to online learning can affect students in future? Comment below to share your opinion and insight.

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Cloud Based Online Education – The Driving Force In Academics

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The face of education system is changing rapidly. In the era of digital revolution it is natural that the education system will experience its effect. That is why the popularity of cloud based online education is increasing in a rapid speed. According to the experts the trend is going to rule till 2020.
It is the era of digital revolution. We are experiencing the advantages of digital boom in every sphere of our life. From daily life to work, from luxury to education, everything is getting affected by the trend.

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The ability to leverage classroom education to online learning has marked a notable change in the education scenario in the whole world. Now a student does not need to sit for hours at some classroom to follow the lectures so that he/she could qualify for the course. Now, with the advent of online education system the learning is becoming easy and degrees, accessible. Institutions are creating records when it comes to the enrolment of the number of adult learners. Be it a short term course or a whole degree, online courses are extremely popular amongst the online learners. It is true that there is always a flip side that the learner may not be as receptive as traditional classroom learning. However, when it comes to adult learners it is the urge of presenting themselves with the better profile with the added degree as an add on.

Why Online Courses are becoming Popular Radically

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The change is radical in today's education world. Students are becoming more inclined towards pursuing online degree mostly because of some facilities. Even before ten years, when no one could think of the existence of virtual classroom and its advantages, classroom learning was the only way. But now one can enrol for any course from anywhere and everywhere if he /she has a computer and internet connection. In fact, with the advent of mobile applications, various OS platforms are making it easier for a learner to keep on with the process of learning.
Let's take a look at the major advantages of online education that is making it popular with every passing day.


Flexibility is the biggest advantage of online education. Now a student does not need to sit in the confinement of the classroom to learn and obtain a degree. Now learning is just a click away. It used to be really difficult for any employed person to obtain a degree while continuing with work. However, employed people are finding it easier to enrol and continue with an online course. In the case of an online course one does not abide by the strict hours of school and teachers. As long as one has a computer and an working internet connection he is good to go. Course modules, the lectures of teachers and the webinars are always accessible from anywhere.

On Your Time

It is you who decides when you want to study. It can be evening after work or late night or any time in the day. Since the resources are widely available and accessible it helps the learner to schedule the time of study according to his needs and comfort.


We live in a world dominated by Smartphone, iPad, Kindle and ebooks. So, it is natural that education will evolve itself with the advancements of technology. So, it is apt to say that this way of learning is extremely relevant these days. Another plus point is when classroom learning provides students with limited advancements, online courses are offering unlimited opportunities.

Take a look at this video and check out how online courses can be beneficial.

Cloud Based Education is driving the Market

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Cloud based e-learning process plays an important role. It is the main driving force in the current online market. As Technavio released the latest report, they claims that online education market in India will cross the bench mark of 12 billion within 2020.,p> This statement is enough to prove the fact that clod based online education is in vogue. But what is cloud based education and how it is ruling the world?

Take a look.

One of the reasons why adult learners are becoming more inclined towards online education is, it is affordable. Cloud based online education is making things less expensive. Cloud based technology offers the benefits of reducing capital expenses and speeding up for deploying SaaS based solutions. Education industry is becoming inclined towards the technology like ERP and LMS to avail the technical support from the provider of cloud based service.

Cloud based education system is more secure in the module of online education. As it is hacking-protected it is quite a considerable option to be implemented in the education system in India. Jhansi Mary, the lead industry analyst of Technavio puts it this way as Jhansi feels this can be the right way to popularize clod based education in India.

The driving forces behind cloud based education in India are, Open education resources Increasing demand of distance education Increasing demand of technical education

Open Education Resources

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Open education resources have some positive impact on the education system of India, especially the higher education segment. The primary reason is obviously the the easy process of procuring the course module and content. Private colleges and universities in India are embracing this mode of education as it is opening the vast galore of online material and resources for the students.

Increased Demand of Distance Education

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Those days are long gone when some basic education would have been enough for anyone. Now, with the increasing demand of professional courses, the demand of distance education is also increasing. What can be the best way to complete your learning with online education while continuing with work. Distance learning is the best way that one can adapt to go along the present market.

Increasing Demand of Technical Education

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Research is showing that people are becoming interested on technical education than the mainstream education. As technical education is particularly helpful for employment, it is obvious that the segment is quite popular these days.

Online education is now experiencing quite an upsurge in current education scenario. It has become less expensive and more secure. That is why it can be the best option for any government or education system to adapt. Hence, cloud based online education market is becoming huge radically.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Online Learning: The “Any” Factor, Education Obtained With Ease

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Online learning is not the old chapter in the history of education. In reality, within less span of time, e-learning has become one essential tool for acquiring education. In last few years, online education has earned a good reputation with top colleges and universities offering e-learning courses. This added substance of value to the online courses. Accreditation from the recognised body have increased the essence of digital degree. Students having recognised online degree or diploma can apply for further studies. As most of the world universities are accepting the online qualification, there is more option to learning at the digital platform. Besides, the accredited digital qualifications are also accepted by the companies around the globe. As a matter of fact, many companies give importance to the online courses as it gives the impression that likewise individual is more committed towards the goal. Thus the importance of online programmes has increased in the contemporary time. Another thing that has made it special is one can engage in any learning at any time and from any place. Read on.

Online courses in digital world

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There are many online education communities which offer e-learning courses. They provide well-designed contents and learning resources to their students. Hundreds and thousands of students enrol in online courses to enrich and enhance their knowledge offered by online communities. One such is Cornell Online Learning Community (COLC) which has decided to offer to learn via online. There are different online learning programmes offered by the COLC. Ranging from hospitality management to data exploration and Systems Engineering to introduction to Macroeconomics and many more. Similar to many other online learning communities offering e-learning courses, COLC extends learning support to students. Online learning communities have increased the presence of education the into the digital domain.

Technology into e-learning

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Technology no doubt has made tremendous advancement. And new tech tools in the form of learning apps and software have evolved being greatly preferred by the online learning facilitators. There are many online learning vendors (providers) which assist schools and institute in rendering online learning support to their students. This is provided via cloud technology. For which schools or institutes do not require to install software or applications. All the infrastructure is provided and maintained by the online learning providers. Abreast, cloud techs, apps mobile learning technology has transformed the old style of learning. With mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. taking learning was never that simple before. Today, students with smartphone and internet access easily enter to digital classroom from any time and from any location. With technology on the side of the learning, many schools have adopted blended learning into their learning system. The mix of classroom and online learning has worked in the favour of the students and teachers and hence is increasingly preferred by the schools. Find out how technological advancement can help the online students.

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Trend will increase

Online learning is the concept which allows learning from the remote location. Besides, the liberty of learning with an option to select time is something which in traditional education was not there. As the quality of the learning is high, so, there should not be any reason to be sceptical about it. Many have taken digital learning whereas millions are in the mid of their learning. All these factors are together is the reason more students are enrolling to the online learning courses.
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How online learning is more convenient to traditional education format? Share your valuable thought or experience and post comment.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How Can A Computing Diploma Help In The Growth Of Your Child?

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Internet has altered the concept of education and it provokes the growth and development of a child. Modern days students are more and more tech savvy and therefore a large number candidates can access texts in seconds. Therefore, parents these days mostly advise their kids to pursue a computing diploma in order to enhance in career.

If you have a wish to turn your career towards computers, then this is the right option for you. Many business schools offer undergraduate level 4/5 IT and computing diploma that consists of 240 credit course designed to equip you with the skills needed to become an IT professional.

After completing the course, the students will have access to various tutor support and webinars, social learning forum and additional materials.

Growth and popularity of online education

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Online education has reached to a new level once the technologies have stepped ahead. Today there has been growing popularity for online training among the learners. The reason behind the same is the busy schedule of the candidates and flexibility that matters. Students who do jobs apart from studying can study from the comfort of their homes. There are no commuting charges involved. With fast technologies they can study well getting 24*7 access to data services.

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The national and international students worldwide are more and more opting for online courses to pursue their higher studies like computing diploma online. The online course provides an opportunity for the learners to participate in the video chats , conferences so that they get chances to interact over the internet. 
They are infront of a wide pool of information once they have access to hassle free internet connections. From the last 15 years, the online companies are trying to improve and update their software services based on the increasing demand. M-learning and E-learning have the learning experiences better in order to stay a step ahead. As the busy schedules of the professionals have made classroom training a quite hectic, online learning has substituted the matter with more advanced learning experience. You can check one such experience:

Give the reasons why you should consider online education for your child

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Technology has transformed the concept of education to a large extent. More and more teachers are getting trained how to deal with the updated softwares and according teach the students.

Have a look at the following reasons why you should consider online education for your child:

1. Interactive process: The online form of learning helps offer the students interactive mode of learning. Unlike the traditional mode of classroom training where most of the students could not participate, the virtual learning mode offers networking opportunities to the students where they can interact with the experts over the web. 

2. Offers all kinds of classes: The online form of learning offers all kinds of courses to the students and therefore they can get wide pool of information on every branches of study in seconds. 

3. Distraction free classes: Since online learning promotes one to one learning mode that encourages personalised learning, this form of education is the best. The learning form promotes distraction free classes since the traditional classroom environment is not there. 

4. Online classes come free: The online classes come free in order to make the courses widely available among the large number of students. The course besides being widely available increase the chances of interactive participation among the students.

Future of online education

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In rapidly changing technological environment, digitalisation is taking place quite fast. It has taken over the traditional librarians with the introduction of virtual library. This is refer to as digital learning. If such is the case now, what could be its future? The coming world will see everything technical. More and more interactive education will be possible will the help of technology. Video chat, live discussions, mailing will be easier with newer and innovative softwares.

The form of learning will be personalised and every student can take the advantage of distraction free learning. They will avail a heap of information in the least cost.

The future of teaching is something we can well imagine or may be we cannot! Digitalisation has taken its pace and will so continue in future. Earlier where we used to rely on the hard binding text books, now have become more and more dependent on Pcs and tablets. More innovative technologies will be created and who knows we may see a wholly technical world next two years down the line with students going for computing diploma online.

Inference collected

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Online education has changed the concept of learning since the world of digitisation has come up! Information technology has changed the concept of education as digitalisation plays a major role in learning. Technology has made online learning much stress-free for the students. Playstations and iPad are slowly making the classroom environment into virtual learning room for the students. Since today's learning concept is all about learning from inside and outside the room, the traditional form of learning will not be that suitable. Instead online mode of education should be widely adopted and implemented in the schools and colleges to ease the method.

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Teachers are becoming more and more used to the concept of digitization, however, a lot more needs to be done for development of the current scenario. Technologies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Hp have taken approaches to transform the virtual world with the help of their tablets, IPads etc. Digital library has taken a new form with 3D contents. The emergence of excellent form of education that are inexpensive and efficient calls for high volume of learning. A large number of information becomes easily available in seconds. The learning experience becomes game-like and easier. The concept collectively refer to as digitalisation that has made our lives easier. With the increase in smartphones and tablets learners can now days download educational apps, files, purchase books from digital library etc and think of persuing a computing diploma. For today's generation there is no word called impossible! They are tech savvy and are well versed with internet.

Share your point of view regarding the aspect. We would love to hear from you.

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Survey On Online Learning Revealing Interesting Findings

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Once many thought the concept of online learning will gradually fade out and only traditional education will exist. Proving its critics wrong, e-learning has not only survived but has become the tool for knowledge. In past five years e-learning has significantly grown. Presently millions of students have engaged in online distance learning courses. Apart from the young learners, even the adult learners are preferring e-learning courses. There are several aspects of online education that have significantly contributed to its growth. Ranging from flexibility to quality and cost-effectiveness have made online a platform where students from a different socio-economic background, gender and age engage in crucial learning. The growth of e-learning can also be traced in reports and surveys. Read on.

Key findings

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The 2015 online learning survey of Babson Survey Research Group has revealed some crucial data, showing the trend towards online learning. It was part of 13th and final report card of the checking US online education. The survey was conducted in association with Online Learning Consortium (OLC), StudyPortals, Pearson and Tyton Partners. Further data was collected from the National Centre for Education statistics. The findings are:

At least one online course was taken by one among four students. The figure stood at 5828826 in 2015 which is 217275 up from 2014. Students taking at online distance learning on year to year basis has gone up by 3.9% in 2015. in the year 2014, the figure was 3.7%. Undergraduate students comprising 72.7% and 38.7% whole level of graduate learners preferred public institutes. In 2014 5.8 million students took online course learning. Students comprising 2.85 million engaged to the whole, of course, learning via online whereas 2.97 million took the portion of learning through e-learning.

Senior vice president of Pearson Todd Hitchcock was happy with the growth of online learning. He said,

“While enrolments in higher education institutions decreased overall, enrolments in online programs continued to increase”.

Growth and fall

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According to the Babson research report the student's registration with private for profit institutions has dipped with 2.8%. On the other side preference among students for private non profit education institutes have increased to 11.3%. Director of Policy & Analysis at Wireless Communications Engineering Technologies (WCET), Russell Poulin says,

“Between 2012 and 2014, students taking all of their courses at a distance grew by 33 percent for non-profits. They were only a few hundred students away from passing the for-profit sector for having the second most number of enrolments. Public colleges still lead the way, by far”.
The report points out at another significant development. According to the survey, 29.1% chief academic officers said the essence and credibility of online learning have been realised by their faculties. The scenario, however, is different in the institutes with positive registration for online education. There are 60.1% of institutes where 10,000 plus students registration for online learning are viewed as valuable and credible by the faculty.

Modern tool of knowledge

From the data, it's evident that online learning has grown significantly from the speculation of its existence. The growth of e-learning shows us that mindset of the learners has changed. They only seek to learn with the system where they find the education quality and other things are matched with their learning criteria. In this scenario, a learner can select traditional or online learning, depending on their need and capability. However, the trend suggests that online distance learning is growing popularly as the flexible, convenient and quality tool for attaining knowledge and skill.
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Do you think the growth of online learning in positive trend? Share your opinion or experience and comment below.

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Friday, 4 March 2016

Moving A Step Ahead With Online Education

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Online education as the name says moving ahead with the concept of learning by the use of technology. Well, while starting to discuss about the topic, I must highlight the fact that technology is almost everywhere. Don't you agree? Almost all our everyday activities are dependent on the use of technology from different aspects. Can you say you do not look forward to the updated technologies since dusk to dawn? We need breakfast that requires the help of toaster, we drink water that uses the water purifier etc. Unlike the olden days, where traditional classroom training was involved people could not participate due to many hindrances. However, now the concept has changed. Elearning provides a friendly interactive atmosphere where the students and teachers play active role in shaping up the learning skills. As you know, there are no costly expenses involved in the virtual learning process, once you have a smartphone, iPad or tablet, you get to learn online with ease. Learning becomes personalised and you can make our own study forms to proceed.

How have the leaders developed unique vision for new online university based on Robust Learning Model?

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Experts from different universities who have been holding leadership positions developed unique vision for the new online university based on Robust Learning Model. The more the learning model essentialise, the more is the growth of the educational pattern. A new pedagogy was designed in order to enhance the stability of online education. The concept of information technology was uploaded in order to promote organisational effectiveness. Keeping in mind the engagement of the students and the rate of retention in mind the system was so developed. Everything would happen with the effects of technology. All conversations would continue over electronic mail or academic telephone calls. Effective arrangements would be made for the students so that they can interact with the experts or the educators online in case of doubts. The evolving world of education will be more and more tech savvy that will help the learners with advancements in studies. You can check this out.

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Growing popularity of online education

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Online education has reached to its peak as compared to traditional classroom learning. With the growth and advancement in technology, more and more mobile apps are available in the market that encourage digital learning. Unlike the traditional face-to-face learning, a large number of educational apps, E-books as well as journals have come up in the smartphones and tablets that let people update themselves anytime, anywhere. Blended learning is soon going to be replaced by MOOCs and the personalised form of learning will take its course. Keeping in mind the design and requirements, the m-learning technology could be explored. The MP3 players, PDAs and smartphones shows the way. The virtual workplace that shows vacancy depicts career growth with Mlearning. However, proper learning environment should be kept in mind while instilling the concept of digital learning. Digital learning will see its booming phase with advancement in future technology. As the students and professionals have their busy schedules, digital education has taken a new course. Unlike traditional learning where the whole system of education would depend on face-to-face learning, modern days sophisticated form of education has its future with mobile learning or Elearning.

How does online learning environment help the students pursue with their studies?

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Online studies will help the students pursue their education as the mode of learning comes easy and affordable. Besides, the flexibility is what matters in this form of training. The learners and the professionals can carry on with their studies any time they wish to since the commuting costs are not involved. If someone is pursuing a full-time job along with pursuing studies, he or she can very well do so by sitting back at home in an environment most convenient for them.

Keeping the aspects of commuting costs in mind, the concept of digital learning is good for the students living in the rural areas too, however the costs involved in investing on expensive tools of learning seems difficult for the schools which are on their ways to introduce the new form of learning. Many of the learning institutes are still lying behind due to lack of capital for the technical education system. However, steps have been taken and will also be in the future regarding making the same affordable to every community, making the technical apps like youtube, edublog, Google Earth come free to the users.

Inference drawn

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The career prospects in UK is huge if you are looking for a recognised online course. There are opportunities that many companies in UK would prefer to sponsor the MBA study package for their employees. More than half of the candidates who have successfully completed their MBAs have been placed at full-time employment. If you are qualified as an MBA you have the knowledge of science, arts and commerce and therefore you are open for various specialised courses as well. Are you looking for a good career growth in management? Then the UK degree is for you. For more than three years, 90% of the candidates have been placed for full-time employment. There are many career prospects open for the MBA students. Since the degree gives students variety of knowledge that they can use to pursue further studies, it is most advisable that they go for a level 7 diploma in management.

The next generation online learning experience will have the benefits to take the future of education to a next level. The importance of technology is proven and practised. More and more smartphones and tablets are crossing its maximum selling limits with the advent of technology. Unlike traditional mode of face to face learning, online learning mode has its benefits on the basis of limitless access anywhere.

An online business degree from UK has the highest recognition worldwide. You earn pretty well. Though people have different views regarding the prospects of an online course, the career gives you flexibility and options to choose from different world fields.

What do you think regarding the new approach towards online education? Feel free to share with us.

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