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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Why Level 5 diploma in business management is a lucrative career option?

Entering into the world of business is certainly a big step towards reaching the peak of prosperity. But what if you don’t pursue the necessary knowledge and skills for being a successful businessman? What if you do not gain the ability to enhance the depth of understanding of your specialised work area?

Well, if you want to call yourself a wise businessman, you must take up a professional course and learn how to formulate solutions to complex situations. You need to demonstrate a superior level of work expertise and acquire proficiency in managing an entire organisation alongside its employees. So, why don’t you opt for Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and obtain the necessary knowledge and skills which business professionals must possess?

Who can benefit after earning level 5 diploma in business and management?

Those who have been working as managers, high-grade technicians or professionals will find level 5 qualifications in business and management to be extremely rewarding. Such qualifications are equivalent to intermediate qualifications in higher education, Higher Education diplomas and Foundation that usually do not let students get access to pursue postgraduate programmes.

How level 5 diploma in business and management can help students enhance their career prospects?

Being one of the lucrative courses for business graduates, Level 5 diploma programme in business and management brings modules that have been designed to help students grasp immense knowledge and skills in business management. One who achieves this precious qualification will be able to set professional standards in the world of business. In fact, completing Level 5 in Business and Management will help you acquire mastery in a wide range of areas. Here are few of those:

Developing personal skills – Mastering personal skills is essential to succeed in the world of business. In fact, one with a level 5 diploma would also be gaining ability to make smart decisions while working in a multinational.

Learning entrepreneurial skills – It’s not easy to start one’s own business. However, if you master the entrepreneurial skills from this course, you can be a better entrepreneur.

Building business communication – The secret behind working with absolute effectiveness is polishing business communications. So, after completing this course, one will come to know about various communication techniques that can meet a wide range of commercial purposes.

Understanding today’s business environment – To prosper in the world of business, it’s very important to have a fair idea about today’s business scenario. So, earning level 5 qualifications in business and management will let you perfectly explore issues within and outside the business world. Moreover, you will be able to acquire a deeper insight into international dimensions as well as economics.

Well, even if you are into business, you can always enrol in the level 5 diploma online programme under an accredited business school and learn everything which is necessary for a businessman to progress faster towards a peak of prosperity.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

How MBA Courses can help Students Grow Professionally & Psychologically?

Just forget the meaning of what an MBA had been for years. Tomorrow, students would be introduced to a new MBA programme not for understanding only new business approaches but for making sociological and psychological analysis of the business markets.

Professor Mark Taylor, who is now workingas Warwick Business School’s dean said that he had seen serious times in the world of business in his early days. There was rather a horrible time when the stock markets crashed, institutions dealing with finance got deathblows and unemployment rates went high at almost every nook and corner of the world that altogether resulted in global recession. 

So, what Taylor believes now is that there must be such business oriented courses that can let students know and understand the market behaviours. “We have to think about the psychology that lay behind the crisis”, said Taylor.

Students should Think, Decide & Behave, says Professor Taylor

Taylor intends to bring courses that can make students pursue MBA courses in an unconventional manner. Rather than letting one to traditionally concentrate on only business management, he wants them to think, decide and behave that would help them to succeed faster in the world of business. Well, studying subjects like finance, accounting or organisational behaviour will remain as an integral part of MBA courses. However, all these will be studied in respect to a behavioural viewpoint for a change.

In addition to it, Professor Taylor said, “Strategy will be taught but we will also look at how a strategic plan emerges; in other words, we ask what is the psychology behind it?” On the other hand, a survey report was created recently where it has been found that:

  • 28% of the respondents would not have to retire like what others have been doing

  • Out of 500 MBA students and 100 applicants from top business schools who were part of the survey, the majority said that they would prefer continuing work till 70
  • Some highlighted on the fact of not quitting work, while some showed confidence in saying that they would remain strong and secured in their future.

Well, if you ask about today’s scenario of business management students, most of them are turning out to be extremely confident owing to the lessons they are receiving through their project-oriented experiential learning. As a result,

  • They are gathering experiences that are playing key roles in strengthening their career prospects

  • They are gaining more confidence that are responding well to their professional efficacy

  • They are anticipating brighter and secured futures gaining which is really essential in today’s world

With time, what the business schools have been doing for career betterment is updating curriculums that can make students more competitive and confidence in understanding business without hassles. Well, positive predictions are moreover coming from experts worldwide:

  • By the year 2050, there will be no such differences between virtual learning experiences and those obtained through physical presence.

  • Thought activation will lead to voice activation

  • Social media platforms will bring students the opportunity to get involved into 3D interactive sessions in place of 2D.

So, studying MBA will actually be fun. The concept of taking classes for long hours with the help of books and chalkboards will not be taken a necessity for business graduates. Rather, they will be given the liberty to study virtually in an absolute innovative manner that will make them better businessmen in the long-run.

You can now have a six figure pay with your MBA degree

MBA is one such degree which is famous among the learners all around the globe. In the year 2008, the MBA’s in New York had a great time. Most of the management degree holders had already got a job and when Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in the mid-September in Wall Street, the MBA graduates were already settled well at work and hence, they didn’t face any crisis. So, it is easy to say that way back in 2008, MBA’s had good job options in hand. The graduates from the Harvard Business School started with salary of around $14,261. Also, the ones from the School of Business had an average salary or $140,771.

MBA graduates in  Minessota, Emory and Duke’s University have got rise in their salaries!

But soon, the global fiscal crisis happened and the job market as well as the pay package of the MBA’s faced threat. For the MBA graduates last year, they got salaries less than their counterparts back in the year 2008. But there are some of the universities which have managed to acquire a good job for their MBA graduates. For example, the Goizueta School of the Emory University, the Carlson School of the Minnesota University, and the Fuqua School of Business in the Duke University have increased their salary as well bonus for their MBA graduates by 14.8%, 13.6% and 11.2% respectively.

The MBA graduates from these universities even got bonus payments and the Fuqua’s 2012 class of MBA graduates started getting $136,461 approximately as their starting salaries. This sum is excluding the travel allowances, stock grants, tuition reimbursements, or any other yearend bonuses. All these data is extracted from the U.S. News &World Report and was published in the annual ranking and the MBA programmes got listed as the best full-time MBA courses in the U.S. One of the facts about proposing these courses as the best one is that the graduates get job soon after getting the degree and also the starting salaries are very satisfying for them.

Being in the U.S. the average pay package for MBA graduates in 39 universities are of 6 digits!

There are 39 different B Schools in the U.S. which offers great salary to the graduates. This six figured salary structure is what is most attractive for the learners all around the globe. If we look back in the past, only 5 universities of these 39 universities used to acquire the graduates with a 6 figure pay package. But now, all of these 39 universities assure the learners handsome pay package for the learners. Who could have known that the learners from the Dartmouth Tuck’s MBA have got better paid than the ones from Wharton or Chicago Booth or even the North Western? Also, do you know who got the next highest paid after Harvard and Stanford? It’s the MBA graduates of MIT Sloan. They have got last year, according to a report, an average salary and bonus of $139,035.