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Monday, 30 September 2013

Innovative Learning Tools giving education a new perspective

Why education every time has to come in terms with books, chalks and blackboards? Why educators cannot imagine teaching their students without taking help of brick and mortar classrooms? Why it is necessary to pay lump sums for enrolling in a professional course? Answers to these questions have been clearly given by the growing trend in technology. Let’s find out how!!
Reports and responses brought in by technology in the world of education have been so convincing over the past years that a lot of schools, colleges and universities have now taken firm resolutions to replace tradition with technology.

According to a recent survey, it was found:

  • At least 1 out of 5 undergraduates enrol in at least one distance learning course.
  • A lot of high, middle and even elementary school teachers have started using distance learning apps in classrooms
  • Modern educators are now planning to use new tools and software applications that can help online learners pursue their respective courses with more convenience and effectiveness

Now, here are 6 educational tools and platforms that not only help distance learners study enthusiastically but also make educators realise the worth and pleasure of teaching. Have a look:


No, it’s not the one which you typically find in brick and mortar classrooms. Rather, it’s an amazing platform for education that however operates almost like the traditional one. This modernised tool brings diverse ways for both students and teachers so that they can collaborate with one another with ease. What’s best about Blackboard is that it acts as a one-stop solution for administrators instead of piecing together different tools for communication.

FaceTime -

This is indeed a happening tool for both teachers and students who can now build connections through not only voice but also by using videos. So, the necessity of attending classes and sitting face to face with instructors will certainly not be essential for the new age learners.

Canvas – 

It’s an open source solution that can initiate online collaboration. In fact, Canvas has been designed in such a manner that one can easily operate it without facing any single complication. It is best known to integrate tools which people are already aware of. Accessing YouTube or Google Docs for instance will leave you delighted with Canvas.

Google Plus Hangouts

If you are looking for amazing online video chat solutions, Google Plus Hangouts is your answer. Students, teachers and even third party experts will be able to initiate video conferencing in groups. In fact, it can be used for live broadcasts in packed auditoriums.


Being an amazing tool for distance learning, Schoology emphasises on the monitoring of students. So, you can say that it has been ideally designed for educators who can analyse and educate kids in a more efficient manner.

Adobe Connect – 

What more you can expect from this software application that lets companies organise meetings online? Educators here can provide real-time quizzes, tweak presentations, breakout sessions and facilitate interactions. Employees who are having plans to study online will also benefit from such a happening software application.

So, you see that it’s not at all necessary to walk into classrooms and thereafter attend classes for long hours, especially after the initiation of such outstanding learning tools and applications. In fact, the majority of these tools and programmes are available online and you can even download them for free. In other words, you are saving time and money which you would have otherwise wasted at the bookstores, isn’t it? Think about it!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Education & Innovation go Hand in Hand – Some Tips for Students & Professionals

Don’t you think that the term ‘learning’ shouldn’t be solely applicable for students? Don’t you think that this term should also be taken into consideration for working professionals? New age educators, students and even researchers are aware of the fact that technology is moving with such a rapid pace that education one day will take all its roots out of the four walls of brick and mortar classrooms and would end up only in mobiles, tablets and kindles.

Well, it’s also true that keeping pace with each and every technological innovation is not possible in today’s world. With time, new mobile apps, social networking sites and educational tools are being created with the intention to assure more convenience and letting people fulfil academic as well as professional goals.

Hone your own skill by utilising the right app

Time of course is an essential factor that deprives an individual from knowing all the functions of each and every new app. So, what can be done is that one can at least hone one’s skills and knowledge on the area of expertise and utilise all those resources he/she possesses. Here is a short instance:

Suppose, if you are looking for a new job in the field of digital media space, possessing extensive knowledge and skills in numerous social networks and analytics programmes will usually be your job requirements. Now if you do not possess these necessary knowledge and skills, getting such jobs will of course seem impossible. In other words, you must update yourself by collecting or installing such apps that can respond well to your academic needs and wants.

Access educational resources to learn extensively & effectively

People who desire working in creative fields often access such educational resources through which they engage themselves in a wide range of activities. In fact, there are people who take keen interest in building mobile apps, deciphering analytics reports, coding websites, creating 3D graphics with Photoshop etc. from free educational resources available online. So, the question is, “why waste time and money by quitting work and joining full-time schools unnecessarily, and why not opt for online learning?”

Are you a student? 3 tips for you:

·        Be wise and patient – Don’t run around here and there asking people what should be done. First, figure out what you want to learn and accordingly collect the resources online so that you can get a fair idea on the topic you want to explore for career development.

·        Explore apps – New educational tools are being created every now and then and this is making new age learners curious as how to make use of these tools to build a bright and prosperous career. So, try to find out what new learning tools can help you study efficiently. In fact, keep an eye on Google News regularly which will keep you updated.

·        Build your presence online This is a good way to proceed and prosper. Believe it or not, the majority of schools do not take pains to give you extra knowledge apart from what your course curriculum gives you. So, create your own profile in social networking sites and let others know about your interests. It really works wonders.

Are you a working professional? 3 tips for you:

·        Continue learning – No matter how long you work, never stop learning. On doing so, you can gain more knowledge which in turn might help you boost your career prospects. In fact, the more knowledge you gain, the more confident you become.

·        Study onlineTime in today’s world is a huge factor that creates obstructions from letting individuals study while working. So, the best and convenient way is to study online. Today, a lot of online learning institutions have been set up offering a wide range of courses for working professionals. So, if you are working and have plans for higher studies, taking up an online course will be a great option.

·        Manage time Time management is no doubt a big issue today for working professionals as well as students. However, this is no less a skill mastering which will help you balance your professional and personal life with ease and perfection.

So, whether you are student or a working professional, keeping these suggestions in mind would always be helpful. Even if you are having your own business and you still feel the necessity of earning a degree from a recognised business school, enrol in an online business school that can assist you in earning a quick business degree so that you gain necessary knowledge and skills to enhance your business standards.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Education has undergone the changes of time. With each decade passing by, education experiences a new change. Besides, the arrival of the new media or the internet has helped revolutionise education massively. The fact that the arrival of any new media marks a revolutionising effect on education just like the internet has helped give birth to online education is now accepted globally. Even the teaching methods have changed as compared to the preaching concepts adopted during the time of legends like Aristotle and Socrates.

Online learning in the UK

In this age of technology students are becoming more used to participating in 1-2-1 tutorials, attending webinars, personal dashboards, webcasts and much more. The change has apparently taken over the globe and people seem quite happy to accept the revolutionized approach to study. In UK the new academic discipline has been in existence since quite some time. However this current educational approach has been started to boost interest amongst most UK citizens since the year 2011.

In recent years, the UK Government has formed its Online Learning Task Force which recommends a massive £100 million investment in online learning with an aim to accomplish the following:

  •  Helping the nation create its own brand
  •  Developing stronger and improved resources for online education
  •  Becoming the leader in the distance learning sphere

(Source: monitor.icef.com/2012/06/8-countries-leading-the-way-in-online-education/)

The funding proposal has come as a response after UK’s academic system demanded an increase in the costs of education. Surprisingly the hike has only drifted students from seeking higher education. These days the government is working out on newer academic trends that will cost much low yet be effective in imparting knowledge. Seeking a UK university qualification has become much of an ordeal for students. It has now become a widespread fact that the increase fees have led to dissatisfaction among students. As per reports that were published after a study was conducted in the year 2006, 29% pupils believed that their courses did not offer them the desired value.

A surging number of distance learning courses

With the popularity of distance learning reaching the pinnacle, universities are finding this new approach a growth area. In recent times, Higher Education Academy has shown the results of 8 flexible pathfinder projects financed by the Higher Education Funding Council of England whereby it was revealed that employers preferred distance education as a route to deliver career-oriented study.

It has been found that distance learning courses have been designed to attract  working professionals looking forward to developing skills that will help them play authoritative roles in different areas such as business, law, banking, finance and even nursing.

Today, major universities in UK like Oxford, Cambridge and more are offering a host of online courses which are designed by combining innovative teaching and learning techniques entailing interaction between tutors and students. On enrolling into highly rewarding courses students can not only achieve skills and a highly endorsable degree, they can also experience the convenience of learning from anywhere, at any point of time and of course at their own will. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Business Jobs to Undergo Massive Growth in the next 8 Years

Who doesn’t aim to go for business management courses in today’s world? Certainly, degrees earned from reputed business schools bring you opportunities to establish prospective careers. To become eligible for holding managerial positions, MBA degrees play key roles. But the question is,

“Are online business degrees today considered precious enough to bring real value for money? Do employers and working professionals recognise the worth of a business degree earned online?”

Well, the right answers to these questions can be presumably obtained from the following facts and figures estimated by researchers:

The Sloan Consortium survey reports

As per the Sloan Consortium research group, it has been found:
Ø Online degree courses are offered full-time by around 49% of the public institutions

Ø Full-time online degree courses are offered by around 34% of the academic institutions

Ø Blended as well as online courses are offered by around 37% of the private institutions and 80% of the public institutions

Ø More than 40% of the for-profit institutions are expecting to increase their courses online

Ø About 75% of the academic experts teaching in public colleges and universities consider online learning equivalent to learning face-to-face.

Business jobs to undergo a steady growth by 2020

The majority of students after completing graduation or before taking up a business management course online tend to remain dilemmatic and hence wonder whether they are taking sensible decisions. Moreover, one of the biggest reasons behind their dilemmas is their hesitation in regard to whether employers would recognise the value of their business degrees earned online.

Well, reports say that the future of online business degrees is quite bright and strong for all those who are willing to take up business management jobs in the long-run.
Here are some key findings in regard to the future of business jobs that will be applicable for online business degree holders:

·        By the year 2020, jobs related to business will experience a growth of at least 10%
·        Demand for business analysts in finance will remain high among employers in world class business houses.

·        There will be around 9,900 jobs especially for those who will earn business degrees online
·        Growth in business jobs will be over average which will be at least 23% by the year 2020
·        The enhanced growth rate in business jobs will stand equivalent to an additional 54,000 jobs, especially for people with online business degrees in finance

So, you can see that in the next 8 years, the scenario of business jobs will surely undergo a sea change. Therefore, heading to enrol in business management courses online will surely be a great decision for career development. Whether you are working or not, you can always consider an accredited business school to enrol in a business management programme.

Remember, you will not only achieve recognition from your future employers worldwide, you can even save a lot of time and money by studying a business management course online. Good luck!!

Online Study, adapts Life and Work Smoothly

It is 8 p.m. in the night and Nadia Espinosa is in front of her computer with baby son in her lap, engrossed in virtual classroom on the internet. Being a working mother Espinosa felt strongly that she could earn her paralegal certification only if she would access online programme, which perfectly fitted her busy schedule. 

Like Nadia, there are thousands of aspirant mothers who feel the need of accessing higher degrees to find a reputable work life. Being a mother dedicating 9 hours a day in traditional classroom is impossible, but the online mode makes it feasible to juggle between work and life, simultaneously. Herein, colleges and universities are playing the most important role to reach out education into homes. After all, academic institutions are turning into benefactor of quality education to those who require flexible learning mode.

Colleges playing significant role in boosting web courses- Here is how

Gradually, a large number of schools and colleges from stretches of the globe are getting engaged in catering web based education to enthusiastic students. They may be housewives or working professionals or aged people who stay at home or young people who have just stepped into professional lives. Colleges and universities are collaborating with online education providers to cater web courses to those students.
Numerous schools are shouldering responsibility of boostng their online offerings to enable working adults add extra dimension to their career skills. If you look up the internet, you will be happy to find the new 2012 findings according to which about 6.7 million students consider at least one online course as part of study curriculum. To add more to the good news, 60 percent of those aspirants are engaged full time in jobs. 

So, it can be said that online education is gaining prominence gradually and the future is not far when the majority of students will get engaged online for higher studies. Let’s delve further into the benefits of online education and how it ensures study and work without hampering either.

Online Education tackles both with ease

Online education is meant for anyone who wants to pursue twin responsibilities of work and study at the same time. Today, professionals are most ambitious about working and learning without creating confliction between both. Seems, the online mode is their best option to help them achieve higher education so that they can manage their schedule most efficiently using multi-tasking features. Only the best part is these online degree courses are suitably designed to cater to the needs and interests of varied demands without forcing aspirants to compromise with either study or work. Nonetheless, one has to be self disciplined and motivated to ensure flexibility in learning without hassle.

People who have good sense of effective time management are worthy of better careers. Remember, only hard working and efficient individuals deserve to finish those web courses on time. Many people prefer participating in online courses due to cheaper tuition fees, freedom and flexibility of studying. Remember, only competitive and hard working people deserve to be part of distance education, which needs dedication and sincerity to follow the course. 

Sources: www.miamiherald.com/2013/09/03/3603824/online-courses-help-workers-juggle.html

The basic advantage is you can log into a course while at home and study at your own pace without any hassle. Research says that online students gain huge success and privileges in their career and go on to create milestones by achieving compelling success in the long tenure.   

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Zombies getting Connected to Online Education through a Popular TV Show

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/15Tf60s

Where education stands as a highly serious topic, how can it connect zombies? Well, it’s no less a bulletin that a US television company, Edutainment is heading to establish a partnership with a top-notch Californian university for producing online courses in connection with a popular TV show.

With such an amazing initiative, digital boundaries created between academia and the entertainment industry will be blurred to a good extent. The course which will be based on the Walking Dead, the popular post-apocalypse drama series, will be launched in the next month. Although the television show comprise spin-off video games or merchandising, this drama in regard to surviving disaster and social collapse will now be having its own course.

University of California’s, Irvine who will set up the online courses said these are going to be academically rigorous and handle critical scientific issues in regard to the events included in the show. For instance,
·        Physicists will be investigating for the ‘Science behind decay’
·        Public health department will make use of the series to conduct studies on questions like, “What can we learn from past epidemics?”
·        Math lecturers will be analysing on how “Post-calculus maths can be utilised for epidemic dynamics as well as for modelling population.

A legitimate educational experience for online learners

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/11COO0c

Theresa Beyer, the vice-president of AMC says that this showbiz-academic partnership will help students and working professionals enjoy a pure and legitimate educational experience. Moreover, the partnership will also highlight another development in the Massive Open Online Courses that have been established extensively and have even made way to the Oxford online dictionary just a couple of weeks back.
Well, it was the previous year when millions of students signed up for online courses. This showed how demanding were these courses for completing higher studies. However, it was found that those millions failed to complete the online courses since they couldn’t accept the challenge of learning online.

MOOCs taking a new form

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1b83bNo

Coming back to the zombie-based online course, this will comprise around 8 modules and one would be able to easily access it without paying any fee. On the other hand, universities will now be producing MOOCs. This means that students who will be enrolling in universities will grab the opportunity to give online tests and join discussion groups. However, students who will complete the course will not be getting any formal qualifications or credits. Therefore, the course will be designed for those who wish to pursue it as per their own convenience.

Despite, a question has been raised whether this online course will stand effective or not. University of California’s Irvine says that they have researchers who are Nobel Prize winners and they also contribute around 4.3 billion dollars to the local economy. In this context, Melissa Loble, the university dean of distance learning, said, “When we entered this partnership it was really important to make each of the modules as academically strong as they would be in our classes at UC Irvine... the lessons will be academically rigorous and rich....”

TV-based online courses might be a major hit

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/W7t5YD

University of Buckingham’s Alan Smithers who is the director of the Centre for Education and Employment Research here also have contributions towards strengthening the value of these TV-based online courses. Smithers said that building connections with a popular TV show might emerge to be a brilliant way of alluring students.

Josh Coates, head of In-structure said that he wants people to take the Walking Dead course as a fine example for connecting education and entertainment. In fact, the globalisation of this online course can lend a new meaning and significance to education through which one would find it easier to complete higher studies with ease.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23931078

Monday, 9 September 2013


Image Courtesy: bit.ly/11UQ4KF

2012 witnessed a more rigid clearing round potentially concentrating on budding students. Besides, it was found that record high applicants were actually able to achieve placements. Reports show that this year’s prospects are not less either.

It has been found that more than around 55700 candidates were able to gain their college or university position through clearing; while, 1329 students could gain their placement through adjustment. This prospective route is especially meant for potential candidates who strive for positions in more challenging scenarios. The adjustment number doubled that of 2011’s results.

UCAS’s relationship and management director, Andrea Robertson has said that several applicants came out with a smile because they were able to find a position in universities and colleges desired by them. 2012 was one of the luckiest years for aspirants. 

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1dXiOZi

However the situation turned much challenging for the academic institutions. Earlier enrollment seats were limited. Since last year, placement applications came rolling in millions; especially for students applying for the AAB positions, which were unlimited. With most institutions barring applicants and also with the fall of grades like A and A+, a good number of universities and colleges were struggling to get a position in the Clearing. Meanwhile, the struggle made way for prestigious educational institutions. Several colleges and universities had made it to the Clearing list.

Furthermore it has also been found out that last year experienced a sharp hike in college and university fees. They had already paid a massive £9000 for tuition charges. The fee hike spurned a large number of enrollments. Thus, the total number of students slashed down by 46000 from 2011-2012. This however revealed that students took greater time to decide on whether or whether not to enroll into a college or university course.
Cathy Gilbert, the Birmingham University’s external relations director assumes that 2013 is going to be as competitive as the previous years. She has even asserted that placements in highly reputed universities would only contribute to the possibilities of receiving better grades.

Even this year, the fees will tend to remain high thus posing a threat for students. However there might be a slight alteration in the enrollment since universities are going to act leniently with students achieving ABB. Robertson says that there are positions left for aspirants who are ready to relocate.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/15PDDm0

Today, there are vacancies available on medicines and several other related disciplines. While some vacancies will be filled up soon, others are going to be advertised by the month of September, this year. It is believed that applicants have to struggle to get a desirable position. However, students have to remember one thing that universities are equally interested in offering them vacancies as much as students are interested to fill the positions. The reports clearly show that distance learning has become one of the most sought after academic approaches making a mark in today’s word. Students are repeatedly seeking distance learning to comply with the much demanding employment scenario. Employers are highly considering candidates with specialized degrees; hence students are readily seeking courses online to achieve competence in various areas of specialization. 

Source: bit.ly/19P9PF8

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Obama’s Newest Funding Proposition Not Agreed to by All

image courtesy: bit.ly/14w4wGH
People are thinking otherwise as President Obama speaks about introducing the newest academic reform idea which is said to cut it low on educational costs. His idea is to help several families financially so that budding students can achieve academic success through cost-effective educational programmes. While giving his statement, Obama has included that his administration is all set to come up with a system that will rate universities and colleges in order to determine whether a particular institution can be linked with federal student aid or not. He said that the administration’s initiative is all likely to become effective from the year 2018. 

However, questions pertaining to the same are doing rounds everywhere across the United States of America. Like for example the Catholic University’s president, John Garvey has said that when Nick Anderson, his colleague has asked other university presidents about what they feel regarding Obama’s plan he received mixed answers. Furthermore, Anderson has said that Obama’s new plan will hardly make it big since no one is too sure whether the plan will work or not. In fact he has clearly said that the federal government’s intervention into the academic field and that too its attempts to link federal aids with colleges and universities will least likely impress people. 

In fact Anderson personally feels that the entire proposition may turn out disastrous because it is not quite a good idea to have the government involved in intellectual matters. The different points that are most likely to be considered during a rating scheme are discussed below: 

·         The average number of pupils getting Pell grants

·         Transfer rates

·         Graduation rates

·         Average scholarship, tuition and loan debts

·         The amount graduates are deemed to earn after completing education

·         Advanced degrees earned by college graduates 

 Furthermore researches have been conducted on various aspects, after evaluating which, most academicians have come to the conclusion that: 

1.       The huge number of transfer rates is because of the learning environment of the school in which students are enrolling. After studying for some time pupils are discovering that the learning environment is not suitable for them. They are thus transferring to other schools where they think that the academic environment is better.

2.       Despite knowing that public subsidies determine the tutoring facilities offered by a public school, the Government has cut the funding to a great extent; thus letting these schools suffer. The point is whether it is right to evaluate a school through metrics which have been affected by the legislature.  

3.        Even determining the graduation rates has become tougher. The real problem lies with the fact that graduation rates are mostly calculated on first-time and full time basis. So, students who have changed schools or those who look for a fresh enrolment are hardly considered in the list.
White House’s fact sheet focuses on upcoming ratings. According to this fact sheet colleges are compared to similar institutions. Alongside this, the fact sheet also considers colleges that provide efforts to help students hailing from weak financial status; and also academic institutions that are showing remarkable performances. It is believed that the government’s interference in cutting academic costs by rating colleges is surely not going to help student or institutions. 

source: http://wapo.st/1fwVHkP