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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Grants To Loans: How You Can Earn An Affordable Degree ?

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Are you concerned about the chancellor George Osborne’s 2015 budget for higher education? Numerous students and experts across the UK have criticised the decision that grants are to be discarded and replaced with loans for poorer students from September 2016 as aspiring learners are now having doubts whether they will be able to accomplish their academic goals.

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 The Osborne budget

Osborne remained firm on his decision and claimed that the move will fetch enhanced “fairness” to the funding system in higher education. He also said that this decision will result in saving £2.5bn even before the commencement of the next general election. However, if you want to know how you can deal with the new budget plans and still pursue higher education, then we have exactly what you are looking for.

Here are a few tips from the editor-in-chief of money.co.uk and renowned personal finance expert, Hannah Maundrell, on how you can pursue a university degree from the UK after September 2016 without running into excessive student debts....

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What does the budget mean for students?

The most important thing we need to realise that the onus is primarily on the universities to help learners from impoverished backgrounds. If you are a student from a low income family and searching for better options, then you must consider financial support as an highly important factor.

Do not let this transition from grant to loan discourage you and avoid higher education. You will only feel the financial burden when you start earning sufficiently and when you will be unable to repay your loan before the 30 year limit is over.

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What should students do?

It is not mandatory that you will need to pursue a university degree. There are various other options available for you that can offer you world-class learning experience without feeling any financial burden. I believe one of the most feasible and beneficial options is to pursue an online degree.

there is a great demand for online learning courses from both students and employers worldwide. You will not only receive quality education, but you will have excellent networking opportunities and become eligible for high paying jobs in leading companies. Moreover, by studying an affordable UK university degree, you will be able to avoid the the financial burden created by Osborne's budget plans and earn a recognised degree without taking out student loans. You can also do an internship or apprenticeship while pursuing an online course and gain relevant work experience to boost your employability.
Here are few reaction of the young students

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How will the budget affect the future of education?

It is simply make higher education more expensive. It seems that tuition fees are set to increase further and in future, government can instruct graduates to repay their student loans faster, with more interest and in full amount. The UK government has hinted plans to pressurize new graduates even more by making the repayment threshold freeze for 5 years at £21,000.

In this scenario, online learning programmes simply seem better and more feasible for most students now, especially for poorer students.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and views with us by commenting below.

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Can International Students Work In UK After Study? No, Says Government

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Do you want to earn a recognised degree from the UK and start your career there? Although it is a great plan to start with, but pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly challenging for international students. Recently, the UK Business Secretary claimed that the Government is planning to “break the link” between overseas students studying here and staying back once they graduate.

Breaking the Link 

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Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, has informed international students that he would like them to earn their degrees in the UK and then leave the country, in an attempt to break the link between learners attending college and staying on for career development after graduation. In an interview to BBC Radio 4, Javid commented that he desires to develop a system where foreign nationals will not be allowed to abuse their right to study in the United Kingdom as a means to stay back.
He said “What we need to make sure – and we do have this – is that our immigration system allows those from abroad that want to come to Britain to study in our world-class universities, our fantastic colleges to come here.”
Javid added “But we’ve also got to have a system that doesn’t allow any abuse when people are using the right to study as a way to achieve settlement in Britain. So we’ve got to break the link and make sure it’s focused on people who want to study and then, once they’ve had their studies and completed that, then they leave.”

Preventing Postgraduate Work Opportunity 

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The UK government has faced bitter criticism for prohibiting the post-study work visa back in 2012. Most UK universities consider this move as an obstacle to foreign students, especially non-European Union students and learners from India. Vince Cable, the then business secretary, said that international students become caught in the very emotional and torrid argument regarding the volume of immigrants in the United Kingdom.
A 2014 study by HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) revealed a “significant” decline in the volume of overseas students studying at UK universities, with a fall of almost 50 per cent in the number of postgraduates from India as well as Pakistan, even though the volume of students from these nations have been rising in other nations.

Can it affect UK Education?

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Seamus Nevin, Head of Employment and Skills Policy at the Institute of Directors, commented “The Business Secretary’s proposals to eject foreign students after graduation are misguided and would damage the British education system, our economy and global influence. The UK is a world leader in higher education. The reputation of our institutions draws the brightest and the best from all over the world, bringing in billions of pounds every year and building lifelong trade ties which benefit our businesses for years to come.” He added “Other countries welcome such students. Britain already makes it difficult and artificially expensive for them to enter and stay, and now these proposals would eject them ignominiously when their studies are finished. ”
Nevin further said “Restricting talented workers from staying on in the UK would damage business and lead to a loss of important skills. Shutting the door to highly-trained international graduates at a time when our economy needs them most would be hugely damaging for UK businesses. In the interests our education sector, our businesses, and our international standing, the Business Secretary should reconsider this proposal.”
Here's what some UK national had to say about this idea
Do you support the UK government in this decision? Make sure to share your own views and opinions with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Is Exam Pressure taking a toll over the Children Health ?

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National Union of Teachers' report - highlights on the increasing level of anxiety among the children of age group “10 to 12” as a result of study pressure and exams. The teachers have reported that they have observed “complete meltdown” of the kids during the exam time.

Taking a Toll on Health: 
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The school level anxieties mainly build up during the exam time , when the children are often observed in tears, mental and physical sickness, nausea and to make the situation worse the competative parents exagerrate the importance of the exams and build up more pressure on their kids. They literally force their children to believe that its the grades that determine their future.

Due to excessive study pressure , the kids often underperform in the exams which lead to decreased self-esteem and is also sometimes demotivated from higher studies.

Too much of Exam Pressure: 
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A teacher from a unnamed UK school had cited live examples of kids within age brackets of 14 to 16 years have taken hasty decisions due to poor performance in exams. A13-year old kid had almost starved himself to death whereas another child had been admitted to the psychiatric wards because of the extreme level of school pressure and failure to live upto the standards of his parents. All of them were diagnosed with “Acute level of Depression.”
A survey conducted by National Union of Teachers under Merryn Herchings, emeritus professor at London Metropolitan University reflects how the tests, exams, Ofsted inspections and other accountability measures are affecting schools and what are its adverse outcomes. The results of the survey was based on the responses of about 8,000 teachers, case studies of heads, children, and a review of research and other literature sources.
Hutchings said: “The problems are caused by increased pressure from tests/exams, children’s greater awareness at younger ages of their own ‘failure’, and the increased rigour and academic demands of the curriculum.”
There has been a significant increase of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder among the school going children due to high-stakes testing. That means the school environment is practically not suited to them as it demands all hours of classroom lectures with minimum or no practical. This disorder is mostly related to mental concentration.
Christine Blower, the NUT general secretary, said: “The findings about the experiences and concerns of children and young people are shocking and sometimes upsetting.”
“The study exposes the reduction in the quality of teacher-pupil interaction, the loss of flexibility and lack of time for teachers to respond to children as individuals, the growing pressure on children to do things before they are ready, and the focus on a narrower range of subjects.” he added.
The NUT organisation working in close with the UK government had been inspecting the school exams, learning procedures and the other academic regulation is now taking the reports of the survey seriously. A lot of such surveys conducted on the school environments and the child development have suggested that the school level pressure is the main reason of concern for the children health. Too much study burden, failure of the teachers to interact with the students on the personal level are causing extra hardships in the overall development of the children.

Lucie Russell, director of campaigns at charity Young Minds, said in response to Hutchings’ findings that many of those the charity worked with “said that they feel completely defined by their grades and that is very detrimental to their well being and self-esteem”. Ofsted had never reported about the health issues faced by the students , although ministers across health and education departments have become increasingly worried about the issue.
The Department for Education said: “No one should be stressed out by exams, which is why we have scrapped modules and January assessments so young people are only entered for tests when they are truly ready.
“We are also investing in mental health services helping schools provide counseling services and support for pupils with mental health needs. This is alongside almost £5m funding for projects dedicated to helping children and young people with mental health issues.”

The verdict: 
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In the age of been what they want to- the little kids are dragged forcefully into laborious hours of studies just for the stake of higher grades that would after all defined themselves. Is this the correct way to spend the childhood?

Share tour views on how you managed to overcome study and exam pressure.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Does UK Universities Need To Offer Better Learning Experience To International Students?

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If you are planning to study a management programme from a leading B-school in the UK as an international student, then it is certainly a great idea as you will receive high quality education and will become eligible for lucrative career opportunities. At present, the United Kingdom is among the foremost destinations for most international students, which has almost holding around 12.6 per cent of the worldwide recruitment market. However, several higher education experts believe that the viability of such a market is becoming increasingly uncertain.

                              Drop In International Students 

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During the 2013-2014 period, enrollments for both non-EU and EU students have fallen significantly. Where as non-EU learners comprise 48 per cent of the UK postgraduate STEM courses, you can see a 50 per cent fall in the number of postgraduate students from India. Dr. Thushari Welikala , lecturer in higher education at King's College London, wrote in a recent post in The Guardian,
“The falling numbers have been attributed to a range of factors: increasing global competition, the strict migration policy of the UK and the emerging new regional markets such as China, Egypt, Japan and Malaysia. ” She added “But there is another issue that universities are often less keen to discuss: are international students satisfied with the quality of their university experience while studying in the UK? ”
Around 24 per cent of the complaints submitted to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator last year mostly came from international students. This must send some cautionary which should send some cautionary messages to the higher education sector. I believe the main issue here is that UK higher education treats the international student experience simply as a “catch-all phrase.” Most UK universities take steps to provide support to international learners, allowing them to interact with home learners and become critical thinkers. But this approach is simply not proving effective.

               Need For Improving The Learning Experience

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Most studies on international student experience concentrates on the differences in learning styles or the cultural differences among home and foreign learners. However, this divide between foreign and home students has resulted in some counterproductive descriptions and misleading expectations.
Welikala wrote “Universities need to change their perceptions about how students learn and why they are here. Students today – whether home or international – have access to multiple ways of learning. They make use of a range of learning sites both physical and virtual. The so-called “passive Asian students” are very smart users of modern technology and are well connected with the online world. They are already international.”

                                 A Better Study Option

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If you ask me, studying business online from a reputed UK business school is a much better decision than going for traditional college education from the UK. Why? Firstly, you will be able to save a lot of money and avoid student debt as you will not be required to excessively high fees. Online business courses offered by leading UK schools are highly affordable as they aim to expand the reach of education. Moreover, by pursuing online study UK you will get excellent flexibility and convenience. This will allow you study and work a full time job simultaneously. However, if you are concerned about the quality of education, then you will be glad to know that most leading B-schools and universities in the UK offer the same curriculum and content in the online courses as in their on campus programmes.
You will be able to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the core management concepts and develop essential skills that will empower you to accomplish your professional goals. The degree/diploma you will earn by studying in an online business management School UK will make you eligible for the best career opportunities in your desired field, not just in the UK, but across the globe.
If you want the best learning experience as an international student, then the smartest option for you will be to opt for online business education as it will offer you significant professional and personal benefits.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions with me by commenting below.

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Friday, 3 July 2015

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act UK is set to curtail Potential Extremism from Schools

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The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act of UK has recently made an obligation to supervise and monitor school students behavior in order to control terrorism. The Act applies to primary and secondary, state and independent schools and also include warnings against "non-violent extremism .The legal duty has been fastened since David Cameron, the prime minister, demanded “a full-spectrum response” to the killing of as many as 30 British tourists in Tunisia. According to the regulatory body young minds are like wet soil, so its easier to mold their thoughts, as they don't have the rational enough to understand the difference between the good and the vises.

Dealing with the Devil Within 

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With the new guidelines brought in action , the school teachers panics on how to maintain and safeguard the interest of the children and guide them away from extremism.
In order to ease the situation , Nicky Morgan the education secretary said the teachers “will do exactly what they do at the moment” if they sense the students are been drawn towards fanaticism.
Under the current circumstances , the schools are perfectly equipped with the necessary guidelines to be followed in case of any radical activities. But the new Act enforces some additional measures to counteract the rise of extremism at the adolescent age.
"Schools and childcare providers already play an important role in protecting and safeguarding young people including from radicalization and extremism," said the education secretary Morgan.
Morgan while interviewed at the BBC Radio cited example of a student who thinks homosexuality is wrong and the Islamic States are quite tough in handling it. Such a though might trigger a sense of revolution in that student and thus begins the idea of terrorism. So this is another reason why this regulatory Act is now been brought into existence .

Reduce Risk of Terrorism

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A 24x7 helpline service has been established for any immediate assistance for the teaching faculty , any school staffs or childcare providers if they sense any risk of potential terrorism among the blooming youth.
Terrorism not only includes violent measures but also non-violent thoughts which later turns into implications. So from now on it is the responsiblity of the teachers to identify the pupils with potential extremist ideologies , bring them into notice of the special trained staffs and help them to challenge their ideas.
Schools should ensure that the students are not allowed to access any materials related to terrorism online.Free discussion in classes would also be halted , which might have a negative impact on the teacher student relationships.
The regulations set out a definition of extremism as "vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs".

The Verdict

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There had been incidents where bright young talents have left UK to join the militant groups of Iraq,Syria etc. The constructive reason behind this is their thoughts had been channelised to the imperative aspects of fanaticism since childhood .
With great power comes great responsibilities- now its in the hands of the individual to use their rights to build a better society to live in or replace it with t he living hell !!
Do you thin that the new security guildelines would help students to fight with their inner demon(if any) and evolve as a better soul or curtailing certain rights would make them aggressive. Share your thoughts with us.
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