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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Level 6 Diploma In Business & Management - The Most Effective Way To Climb The Success Ladder

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If you are planning to add significant value to your resume, which will help you to boost your career, earning a business degree, according to experts, seems to be one of the best options. Earlier, studying business was limited only to those individuals who were willing to invest sufficient money and time to attend regular scheduled lectures on campus at a B-school or university. However, with the advent of online courses like level 6 diploma in business and management, the business education scenario has transformed drastically.

Online MBA - A Lucrative Career

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Currently, the demand for online business education has been growing exponentially worldwide as it helps you to progress your career. As one of the GMAC's report asserts, 12% of global MBA applicants consider online programs whereas 21% students in the US & 15% in Africa are weaving their career around online MBA. Consequently, to match up this uprising demand of MBA applicants, seeking online course, B-Schools are gradually adopting what is needed to provide for a digitised course.

Now the question is why the future of students, pursuing online MBA, is inflating significantly with every passing day. The most probable answer would be, you can easily choose to study a postgraduate management programme after completing a level 6 diploma in business and management, that too without the need for attending lectures in traditional classrooms. You simply need to be self-disciplined and self-motivated to study at your own convenience from a laptop with a reliable internet connection. Moreover you'll be allowed to entry onto the most affordable and flexible University Postgraduate Management Programmes. Take a look at how students are opting for Online courses and earning their diplomas or degrees with such an ease.

Gain Practical Knowledge With A Business Diploma

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Moreover, the help of an online level 6 diploma in business and administrative management will let you be able to gain expertise over theoretical and practical aspects of business management. How? As most online management programmes do not have any fixed or scheduled classes, you can choose to study according to your convenience. Hence you can opt to gain practical work experience by doing a full-time or part-time job in a relevant field. You will have the flexibility to plan your day in such a way that can you can do your job during the day and focus on your coursework at night. This will allow you to immediately apply what you learn at the workplace and further hone your skills.

Level 6 Diploma – A Top Up To An MBA

Many students keep asking me how an online postgraduate business diploma like level 6 diploma in business and administrative management can help them? Well the skills & knowledge, acquired from your postgraduate diploma, will even let you go for an online MBA programme in future.
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Nigel Pye, Assistant Dean of distance learning MBA at the Warwick Business School says,

“We require students to have four years' management experience. That makes the youngest in their early to mid-twenties but we have them from all age groups, with the typical student in their late twenties.”
Hence the work experience, that you gain while studying your online Level 6 programme, will help you to earn an accredited online MBA degree from recognised schools in future.

Mr. Pye further believes that online business education can certainly prove to be highly beneficial for learners. He adds

“It gives you a brand new skill: that is, managing a virtual team. Students are split into teams for group assignments and the skill of managing a remote team where you may have little if any face to face contact with members is such an important tool in today's business world.”

New Technologies Explore Online MBA Even More

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As we have discussed earlier, today more students are taking the online route each year. Every single day new technologies are being evolved, allowing business schools to transfer their MBA programs online. But the question is, what does the future hold for MBA education?

Today top business schools in UK are backing the online mode of delivery, announcing a new online MBA program on an almost weekly basis.

“The development of the social web is enabling levels of interaction, engagement and collaborative working online that we couldn’t have imagined even five years ago – and we are only at the start of that revolution,”
says Simon Nelson, chief executive of Future Learn, the online course provider, while focusing on the unexpected growth on online MBA.

Online MBA Or Traditional Business Model?

Inspite of growing number of online applicants, questions still remain, whether online MBA courses
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offer a credible alternative to the traditional business school model. Are online MBAs as attractive as traditional formats to employers? Can they compete with the level of interactivity and networking opportunities offered by traditional MBA programs? According to the interviews of several MBA students, online MBA tends to be quite different from traditional one.

Mark Taylor, the dean of Warwick Business School, told the Financial Times,

“We see no evidence that recruiters discriminate between the way in which someone has studied their MBA. In fact, the feedback from employers is that our distance learning students are particularly impressive; because they are still in the workplace, will often have high levels of commercial awareness of the challenges and issues potentially facing the sectors involved and are able to utilise up-to-date and applied experience.”
Taylor goes on to say that employers value the focus and determination exhibited by online MBA students as they balance work, school, and family.

To Conclude

Seoposengwe Galeeme from Botswana, who completed an online business programme from Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University), says that online MBA programmes offer

“a flexible schedule that fits nicely with my work and family life; and despite the birth of my daughter I haven't missed a class. I am already seeing the benefits of the course by applying what I've learnt in my workplace and I've seen big improvements in my business performance.”
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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

E-learning Encourages National & International Reputation Of The University

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A conference was organised by the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education at the Regent University London. The OBHE is considered as a prestigious “think tank” for educational innovations and some of the best educational minds are in their member committee.

The Conference

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The conference's agenda was to discuss the implication of digital tools on online learning. It also highlighted the impact of these LMS tools at international and national level. A special session was arranged in the conference named as “The New Landscape of Higher Education”, which witnessed topics on the impact of technology innovation into online corporate as well as degree learning. The session also discussed the future prospects and higher dimensions of technology achievements.

The expert team at the conference did mention a fact that online learning can be beneficial to a university in terms of both funding and international reputation and emphasised on an interesting fact that it can advance a country’s soft power (persuasive approach to international relations). So take a look at how students can enhance their learning program.

Why Is E-learning Popping Up?

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Speaking of the UK which is considered as the world's leading education provider need to design their online courses in such a manner that it upholds the same quality and recognition like the traditional colleges.
Rajay Naik, CEO of the education marketing and online learning service at Keypath Education, said,

“how effective methods for online learning will enable the country to uphold its status as a global education leader.”
He even added

“There is a fundamental difference between a free, short, unaccredited course and a formal, fee-paying, degree-accredited programme that delivers a significant certificate or degree at the end of it, and we must make sure that we never make that distinction unclear or blurred.”
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75% of the candidates opting for higher education are mostly from the professional background who wish to pursue higher education to get promoted or even update their skillset. They won't go back to the campus learning session to earn their skills. Online education is the only mode they can look up to. This report was published by The Online College Students 2015.

Moreover online educators are providing degrees within 6 months of their course schedule which is now been an added advantage for the online learners compared to the traditional campus degrees which at least take 3 years to earn it. According to the present news, Google is now backing a scheme to get people a "nano degree" in just six months.

The Quality Matters

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The online educators from the UK are quite aware of the quality of their education and their perseverance will continue to improvise with time. Apart from the Uk, online education providers should focus on the quality to attract students worldwide.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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Online Education – A Changing Face In China's Education

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Providing basic service to the mankind is not only a global issue, but has also appeared as a major cause of concern within the social system. Though there are lot of initiatives are taking place to facilitate the basic needs to the underserved or the underprivileged, are these measures sufficient for the survival of these people ? What about their future? How can it be shaped properly while people from blessed background are making it big? The only answer of these questions is a proper mode of education. Infusing education can be meaningful resource to ensure better life. Education, aiming skill development, could aid these ignored pupils to earn job and desirable life.

So, how can they receive education? Specially those - living in refugee camps, remote villages, civil war-torn and underdeveloped countries. Providing education in these areas will require compact and concrete planning & no mode of learning than online will serve them better.

Online Education – An Opportunity To Give Your Career A Boost

Currently, the demand for online education has been growing exponentially worldwide as it helps individuals to progress in their respective careers. You will not only acquire the necessary skills, staying within your flexibility & convenience, but you will also develop essential practical expertise, that will improve your performance at the workplace.

Today the revolution of online learning has so extended that it is not only restricted into the countries, where it has been originated, but, approximately 11 million students from all over the world are enrolling into online courses. If students are willing to opt for online learning, then they can search like this for UK Universities to gain a proper diploma or degree.

Online Education In China Has Taken A Leap

The Chinese Government is expecting online education to bring “revolutionary” change to the education system by reducing inequity in quality of education between urban and rural schools and by sharing the best teaching resources & so is happening rapidly, as confirmed by a blue book.

2013 came as a fortunate year in China when, according to Current Situation in China's Educational
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Science and Technology, online education era has begun & since then the number of educational science and technology enterprises has been growing at 50%.

Blue book, along with jiemodui.com , Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, some significant online education media, cited that, while within September the number of online education programmes have uplifted to 3,000, by November, the financing in China's online education rocketed to $1.76 billion in total.

Confirming that, online education in China is undergrowing a positive inflation, Mei Chujiu, founder and editor-in-chief of jiemodui.com, said,
"Education in China used to be divided strictly into two independent parts-education in the public school system and private tutoring out of schools, which operated separately and seldom integrated with each other."
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However since 2013, when top education authorities announced a 10-year plan to popularize the use of information, communication and technology (ICT) in the field of education nationwide, these two parts of the education have been seeming to come together.

Liu Ying, director of the Test and Evaluation Research Institute under ATA, a company that provides test and evaluation services in China, said education in China is at a turning point and reform is needed, and the Internet will play a key role to achieve that. Liu Ying said,

"One direction of reform is to help students improve learning efficiency and effect," 
"And thanks to the convenience and the big data brought by the Internet, we are more able to help students to achieve these goals, deploying tools and techniques including a self-adaptive test system, individual knowledge graph and big-data analysis."

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