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Friday, 28 February 2014

Are you a Proficient Learner to Proceed to the World of Business?

Business is something that requires knowledge and relevant skills for obvious reasons. So, what should be your next step accordingly? Looking for a good business school and enrolling in a MBA course and you think your job is done? Are you sure you are going to retain each and every lesson you have learnt right from the beginning till the end of the course? Are you confident you will be able to make use of each and every business application to your existing job?

Well, you can bet because it’s not a child’s play. What’s more important is to know the way to learn, and it’s such a skill that would never leave you unemployed. Forget those days when your dad preferred doing one or maximum two jobs through his entire lifetime. There were no options, there were no such big employers who could ensure sky-high pay packages, and there were no scope of making career changes as school-leavers do today. 

Learn in the right manner & adopt the right strategies

As per the current scenario, over 30% of the Fortune 500 companies keep disappearing on a yearly basis while almost 9 out of 10 organisations end up in losses by not even covering 5 years. So, the majority of those unsuccessful ventures have been either due to the failure to learn in the right manner or due to the failure to adapt strategies that should have been taken in time.

You might have obtained quality education from a world class school, you might have been fortunate to study under the most learned men; but this does not mean that you should take a break from learning. Rather, try to learn something that relates to a thriving industry and not the one that might close doors. Of course, what your college or university has taught you are valuable, but what’s crucial now is studying something relevant that would always let you take the high road.

Now, let’s come to the 21st century schools and find out whether they carry any negative undertone. Lectures, books and blackboards are the three key sources of monotonousness that make students inattentive in a classroom. Don’t get it wrong. What it means that even if these sources make students attentive in classrooms, some just don’t want to listen, and even if some listen, they fail to absorb information. This is reality, accept it or not.

Be a satisfied learner

One might prefer learning visually through pictures or diagrams, while one might love participating in discussions, making debates, listening to audiotapes or exchanging verbal instructions. To be precise, it completely depends on you as what learning process you would prefer to complete a course. At the end, you must be a satisfied learner and you can then only acquire confidence to multiply your work experiences and become a knowledgeable business professional.

As far as today’s organisations are concerned, recruiting and thereafter retaining potential candidates are quite challenging. In fact, a lot of companies are still searching for answers as how can they inspire their valuable employees. How would they reward and retain their employees, and most importantly, what would they do to ignite their skills that can benefit the organisation?

Learning is possible without attending a campus

Like the majority of multinationals take initiatives to provide in-house training for their employees who gather all those associated skills in the process, there are international business schools that give individuals the opportunity to adopt such skills through top up university programmes. Now, these programmes include assignments and assessments completing which individuals top-up to their chosen university qualification through distance learning. Moreover, no campus attendance is required and those looking forward to fast track MBA find these programmes beneficial.

So, what we understood here is that one doesn’t need to be in a state of monotony in order to learn something. In fact, there are so many ways through which quality learning is possible. It’s therefore advisable to first focus on what are you going to learn, why are you going to learn and how are you going to learn. Once you have these answers, learning will never seem a mammoth task.   

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Career prospects in MBA and how learners can get the most out of it!

The foremost thing which attracts learners as well as teachers for MBA is that it offers superb career prospects with huge salary structure. It is assumed that the MBA learners get good earning potential after earning the degree and this is one of the biggest reasons for anyone to go for the MBA classes. However, most of the times, the learners are not able to go for a regular MBA degree because of the rise in the tuition fee. This rise in the cost of MBA degrees is actually a matter of criticism and many potential candidates are deprived of getting a full-time MBA degree just because of the sky-high course fee.

In the top b-Schools, a regular MBA degree can cost as much as $100,000 annually. To get the degree, one might need to quit their job or even postpone joining an organisation in order to be able to attend regular classes. In one hand, when some critics are still of the view that a degree in MBA is not that needed anymore, the actual professionals in this field find this management degree to be immensely helpful in crafting their career graph and taking it to the higher level of success.

MBA salary prospects

All the MBA learners around the globe have only one question in mind before joining any university to get the degree, i.e. how much they can earn after getting the degree. It is a known fact that MBA remains to be one of the most popularised professional degrees worldwide and if you will actually see the salary prospects of the same in different countries, you will be amazed.

  • ·  In UK, the salary expectations of MBA graduates in 2013 and the years to come is equivalent to 153K.
  • ·     In USA, the same is around 140K.
  • ·     In Canada, it can be like 126K.
  • ·     In Switzerland, it can be a staggering amount of 200K.
  • ·     In Nigeria, about 80K.

The report showed numbers for other countries as well.

Career prospects with an MBA

The learners who are planning to see a future as a management professional are getting enrolled in a MBA course. Also, it is seen that a lot of learners are already working professionals. They just need to upgrade their skills and that’s why they take up a course in management. However, most of the times going for a regular course seem to be impossible as it would mean leaving their existing jobs. Hence, all of them opt for online education.

For these adult learners and also for the ones who are going to delve into this profession an online diploma in business can act as a wonder. These diplomas if earned from a reputed university or an online degree provider are a great option. These diplomas can kick-start their career and after that to further their knowledge about the field of management, the learners can always go for degrees in the same.

Online business diploma programmes are very popular and effective for the learners of all age group. Hence, if you think you can strive in this field, go and get yourself a diploma by applying for the same today itself.