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Thursday, 24 July 2014

How is an Online Business Diploma a better and cheaper option?

Are you set to study MBA from a reputed business school? Pursuing an MBA can be an excellent career choice, but you just might have to empty your bank account as tuition fees in recognised B-schools worldwide are increasing constantly. So what should you do? Let’s find out....
MBA is certainly among the most pursued education programmes across the globe. I believe that a degree in business can undoubtedly help you to gain leadership and managerial skills and broaden your networking. But as most brick and mortar B-schools and universities are charging excessively high tuitions, does it really make sense to pursue an on-campus MBA programme? I don’t think so. But don’t take my advice.
Why Go Online?

A new study conducted by Wharton School, one of the foremost US business schools, shows that online programmes, including diplomas and MOOCs, are more cost-effective and resourceful than traditional programmes. Karl Ulrich and Christian Terwiesch, the authors of the new report, believe that online courses like MOOCs are more productive when compared to the cost of tuition in on-campus MBA courses. The study goes on to say that online business diplomas offer you greater flexibility so that you can study at any time you want, which is a boon for most learners.
Moreover as these programmes divide study materials into different segments and deliver them through short videos/audio presentations, a process identified as “SuperText” in the study, it offers you a better learning experience.
The researchers said, “It is SuperText that poses the threat and the opportunity. The MOOC ... is a Trojan horse: while public attention was focused on the massive and open characteristics of the courses, the SuperText technology quietly proved highly effective as a learning technology.”
Online Education...The Current Rage

Whether you admit it or not, online learning programmes have presently become a rage among learners and professionals alike. As online diplomas are affordable, you will be able to learn the core and advanced elements of business management without emptying your pockets. Perhaps the greatest advantage of pursuing an online diploma in business is that it gives you the opportunity to learn while you earn. You can easily work a full-time job and also pursue your online business programme at the same time. It gives you the scope to balance your personal, academic and professional life effectively.
Fast Track to a Better Future

What’s more, you will also have the option to top up your online postgraduate diploma in business management and fast track to the final year of an accredited MBA programme from a recognised business school or university. Thus online business diplomas are definitely a cheaper and better alternative to traditional MBA. Not only will you learn essential knowledge, abilities and skills, but you will also be able to earn a recognised qualification at minimal cost. Moreover, as online diplomas are now accepted by employers all across the world, you can easily get employed in a managerial role at a multinational organisation.

Online programmes like business diplomas and MOOCs teach you to apply business management knowledge to solve business-related problems at your workplace. With a recognised business diploma, you can increase your income, transform your career and accomplish your targets successfully.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Are Video Games Are Reshaping Education for Our Future Generation?

Although some teachers might be wary about using video games in the classroom, but interactive learning-based games are rapidly becoming an integral part of teaching our students. Video games can make learning more efficient and flexible; and lessons more accessible and scalable. However, educators need to realise that computer-based learning games can never replace teachers nor reduce their importance in the classroom. Game-based learning tools empower teachers to create an improved learning environment and reach students better.
A Different Approach to Video Games

Currently learning-based games are proving to be highly effective in classrooms around the world. But there is also a need to use these digital tools in a more efficient manner. We need to make our students to analyse and critically think about the deeper messages in these games. There is a strong need to focus on the learning aspect of these games to increase student engagement and inspire conversation.
At present, there is negligible critical examination of game-based learning tools in our classrooms. Our students are being taught the value of analytically reading text books in the classrooms; but most teachers are still neglecting video games as pointless triviality.
On the other hand, digital games are suggestive of a change in the manner narratives are constructed. In fact, the learning-based computer games help to shape and develop the conscious attitudes of kids in this modern era. We must consider the fact that these games are reshaping storytelling for today’s children and will be regarded as valuable classics in the coming future.
Literature of Gaming

But if this is true, then we should start thinking about the type of stories we develop for our children. These games are shaping our future generation and helping our students learn how they should think about the surrounding world. This necessitates that we take the help of Humanities teachers to teach our students better.
The video game study departments need to focus on critical thinking, apart from just computer programming and game development. We need video game classes which evaluate the literature of gaming, instead of classes that simply analyse the mechanics and design. Just like film studies, now a need has evolved for video game studies.
Teachers can begin by introducing a game into their curriculum. They can ask the students to analyse the game and identify the underlying content. This will help your students to gather new information, learn new skills and broaden their perception of reality. Several games have also been designed specifically to promote critical thinking; while some others have been developed to provoke learners to ask questions. Many online and free games can be found that facilitate learning and can be assigned as homework.
Games and Social Impact

Using game-based learning techniques in the classroom undoubtedly helps to create an enhanced learning experience and creates a better social impact in the classroom. We must teach our future generation to become ideal citizens to create a community which will be much better than our present world. Digital games can help us to achieve this dream by helping our children learn about the stories, images and developments surrounding them.

Article Source: bit.ly/1t9ceUb

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What Can Online Business Diploma Courses Do For You?

Are you planning for a rewarding career in business? Do want to study a postgraduate business programme but don’t have the budget or time for college? Then an online business diploma is undoubtedly your best possible option. Read on to find out more....
As MBA and other business degrees from brick-and-mortar colleges and universities are becoming more and more expensive, increasing numbers of students are now going for recognised online business diploma programmes as these are more affordable and flexible than traditional business degrees. Diplomas are certainly a great alternative to degree programmes as they offer concentrated classes with a practical approach.

Why go online?

Why not? For starters, an online level 7 diploma will enable you to effectively juggle your work and your personal life. You will also learn about the key aspects of management and become eligible for the next big promotion. A study conducted by the Sloan Consortium reveals that student enrolment for online programmes is escalating more rapidly than the number of students getting enrolled in colleges.
In 2012 around 25% college students attended at least one online course, as per the recent federal report by the US Department of Education. Reports also show that among 21.1 million college students in the United States, 2.6 million students pursued only online programmes. So more students like you, who are bound by budget and time restrictions but still want to earn widely accepted qualification, are opting for online postgraduate diploma in management programmes.

But will an online diploma be beneficial for your career in the long run? 

Of course it will be. We all know that currently there is cut-throat competition in the corporate world and getting a rewarding job is getting increasingly tougher. If you want to stand out of the crowd then you must acquire the essential management skills...else you will simply be a part of the growing crowd.
Here comes the necessity of a business management diploma as it will enhance your employability and your career prospects. Today going to college has become a highly expensive affair. Unless you have a lot of money lying around, it only makes sense to go online and earn yourself an accredited qualification. Irrespective of your professional background, business diploma courses online can help you in many ways to make your dreams come true. So if you are a student who wants to start his career or a business owner looking to grow his company or a professional aiming for the next promotion, online diploma in management is for you.

What does an online diploma offer that a college degree cant?

Where should I start? The convenience, affordability, flexibility and excellent employment opportunities offered by online business diplomas are unique to these programmes, which traditional degrees can only dream about. Have no doubt that online postgraduate diplomas are way more economic and flexible than your typical college degree. Moreover with increasing acceptance amongst prominent employers across the globe, diplomas are now offering unmatched career prospects.

Let’s look at some of the benefits you can expect from an online postgraduate diploma in business- 

Time Effective
Online postgraduate diploma in management programmes are much more time effective than your typical 4-year college degree. In most cases, you can earn your qualification in just one year or 18 months. Some programmes also offer courses that last for only 6-8 weeks or just a few months. It completely depends on you how quickly you want to earn your management diploma.

With online diplomas, you are in charge of setting the pace of your studies. You can study at whatever time you want as the contents are available online 24/7. You can choose to study late at night after returning from your work or complete your coursework early in morning before you start your day. You may also choose to go through the content on your tablet whenever you get some spare time. The amount of time you invest in your studies depends solely on you and your lifestyle.
Cost Effective 

Online diploma courses are usually much less expensive than a master’s degree or an MBA from a reputed college. In addition to the low tuition fees, you can save loads of cash on travelling and other living expenses related to college education. What’s more? As the entire programme is online, you can keep your job (or get a new job if you are still a student) and keep earning your pay cheques.
Here are some additional benefits of business diploma courses online -
  • Variety of Online Courses
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Minimum Educational Requirements
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities
  • Develop Practical Skills

As you will find in my earlier post, studies from the Babson Survey Research Group show that in the year 2012 more than 7.1 million higher education students have attended at least one course online. This goes to show the growing popularity of online business management diplomas and how it can help you to learn the essentials of becoming a successful corporate manager.

Monday, 14 July 2014

What is the Impact of Modern Technology on Learning?

Technology has significantly transformed every aspect of our lives and now it is changing the way we learn. Technology can enable teachers and students to develop an enhanced learning experience and improve the overall standards of education.
Although the unemployment rate of young graduates has been gradually degreasing since the last 5 years, but still the numbers are alarmingly high. However, employers are claiming that there is lack of well trained candidates with required skills to fill the entry-level vacancies in companies worldwide. This scenario has become a serious threat for both graduates and companies. It is only with the help of latest technology that we can create unique learning techniques and introduce new platforms so that our graduates are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required for the workplace. Moreover it can also help those individuals who are already working to develop additional skills and advance their careers.
Making Education More Accessible

Technology has the ability to make education more accessible, affordable and understandable, especially for those who have been marginalised till now. Education was traditionally limited to classrooms and students had to attend classes physically. As result of this system, many individuals were automatically deprived from the opportunity to learn due to various challenges and other commitments.
But with the help of technology, education has come out of the classroom and has successfully shifted to the online platform. Thus it has now become more accessible as anyone can study from online contents via their tabs or Smartphones from any part of the world, as long as they have a reliable internet connection. Now those individuals who were previously deprived of learning opportunities can participate in various online learning programmes and build their future career.
Going the MOOC Way

Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs is one of the prime examples of how technology has transformed education. As these academic programmes are free and require minimum qualifications, millions of students, including professionals, are now pursuing MOOCs to learn new skills and acquire knowledge relevant for their specific fields of employment.
Recently, Qualt, an online learning company, launched a free downloadable app through which learners can access vocational MOOC programmes via their smartphones. Another app named Maths Everywhere app, launched by adult education charity NIACE, received the ‘App of the Year’ award in the Prolific North Awards. This particular app enables adults to learn essential numeracy skills. Platforms like these offer a highly affordable, low-risk and flexible learning opportunity which learners can fit around their present lifestyle.
The Blended Approach

Apart from the online sphere, technology can also modify education inside the classroom. With the Blended Learning approach, teachers can successfully use advanced tools to make learning more interesting and engaging in schools, colleges and universities. These tools can also empower teachers to better organise and plan their tasks and track the progress of their students more effectively.
Technology for Teachers

It is imperative that teachers and educators accept technology as a part of their teaching process instead of being afraid of it. Technology cannot replace teachers, but it can help improve teaching. Thus teachers should be determined to make the most out of what latest technology has to offer. In order to actualise this, schools must train their teachers and staff so that they are comfortable with using advanced devices for the betterment of the students.

By using technology in the right way, we can undoubtedly improve education standards for every learner around the world. Educational institutes can offer an enhanced learning experience which caters to the unique needs of every learner. This will help in creating a well trained workforce that can meet the needs of the employers and successfully face challenges of the corporate world.