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Monday, 24 November 2014

Endeavour To Make Higher Education Survive in the 21st Century

Students look for many things before choosing a university. They study about the environment in which they are supposed to learn, try to analyze whether the school is accredited and recognized internationally and they try to find out if the institution has a global rank. Not only should the institution attract the attention of students belonging to that country but it should also win the favour of students from various other countries as well.

Apart From Rank What Else Is Looked Into In A University?

The most important factor is the quality of education that is to be given to the students. For that to happen, we need qualified professors. They need proper training and wisdom as well. It is this that wins the attention of students who want to get a degree in higher education. Also, students want to be employed right after graduating so there should be some provision for interviews in the campus. The higher the ranks, the greater will be the employability of students.

The students too, need to be the best. They need to be well qualified and should have the right aptitude and attitude towards learning. The curriculum should be designed appropriately since the prosperity of the world depends on the decisions that are made by the students who work later on in various posts after they graduate.

Recent Trends

In recent times, great importance has been given to business education since a business graduate earns well after leaving school apart from doctors who graduate from medical school or engineers who graduate from technology based schools. Business plays a very important part in the lives of students and society in general.

Areas That Are in the Spotlight

The areas that are being emphasized in business studies are innovation, entrepreneurship, business and society and personal development. This stands true for any business school. There are many ways in which such subjects are being offered to the students.

MOOCs Revealed

Presently, many Irish universities have started providing Massive Open Online Courses which can be availed by anyone who is interested. These courses are available for free. There are some problems with this option.

Many students are beginning the course but are not completing it. Maybe at some level, universities are charging a nominal fee. Some students might not feel self-motivated or might lack the discipline that is required to handle a course in which learning is to be done online.

Reading, completing the assignments and appearing for the assessments are all the steps that are necessary in such a mode of learning. Studies have been conducted and alternatives have also been discovered to suit the specific needs of the students.

The Evolution of SNOCs

To counteract these problems, Select Network Open Courses have recently been introduced, in which professors and experts from various business schools interact and share their views online. A student gets the opportunity to meet any teacher from any university in any part of the world.

This is a blended course in which some classes are being conducted in the university and students are interacting with people from various other places and institutions. In the process the students are learning to build strong relationships and are working together for a common positive goal. This cannot be achieved in a purely online form of learning.

What Lies In The Future Of The Irish Populace

It is a good thing that Irish Business Schools are taking steps to make sure that their universities are updated and informed about the latest trends in education and the global job market as well as the demands that need to be met so that students can be recruited after they get their degree. Ireland’s steps towards perfection are slow but in future the nation will be successful in this mission.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Becoming Academically Competent For Future Employment

In recent times business schools are focussing on training the workers based on the research that they usually do when they interact with other schools. If people have already been hired by companies, then they are dealt with a little differently. Institutions are making sure that competency based programs are available to students so that they can receive degrees and certifications.

One of the greatest challenges that students are facing today are the rising and hefty prices of tuition fees when they enrol themselves in an academic course. The reason why students try to gain access to these courses is so that they can get excellent employment opportunities and salaries that are reasonably good. Keeping this thought in mind, various organizations are collaborating with educational institutions and are spreading the awareness of these needs to business experts across the globe. Emphasis is being laid on training students to have business skills when they finally get employed.

Alarming claims have been made by many students in recent times. Several companies are not content with the skills that are being taught at the graduation level. In their opinion they are laying more emphasis on students’ higher education or in other words, a post -graduation in any field of interest.

When students learn a course that aims at looking into their competency in that job, it is a starter that initiates the progress of a student. It is a flexible mode of learning in which students learn at their own pace. The degree will help them in future.

“This is workforce development at the higher education level,” was Nick Lacy’s statement. The director of competency-based learning and national relations at Brandman University took a deep look at the requirements of various companies and pointed out what steps educational institutions needed to make.

The industries that support a collaborative competency learning program are finance, technology, food service, health care and many others. Being good theoretically in a classroom is insufficient in such areas of work. One’s practical knowledge and first- hand experience is also taken into account.

Students are finding these courses to be informative, practically useful and there are many students who are approaching universities every year to get such a degree. The students who are unable to go to a college or university are also looking for other options that are widely available in the technologically advanced world. They are doing their best to check for the latest details online and it is a fact that there are similar courses available online.

It is a boon for those students who are already employed and are raising their own family which leaves little time to spare for their own academic pursuit.The opportunities for growth in one’s career are increasing. It is a student’s task to take the best chance and move forward in life.