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Monday, 27 October 2014

One two three towards an MBA!

Everyone is very optimistic the moment the word MBA rings loud and clear. This course is a stepping stone towards success. Not only will it ensure that you get the best jobs in the market, but it will also guarantee you a very high salary. It is so easy to study this course in the age of technology. Here’s what you need to know.
If you have a background in business and you are trained in specific areas you are one step ahead.
Expert Opinions

Latha Ramchand, the dean of the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston stated that "An MBA program allows students to expand their networks, as they learn alongside other working professionals in classes taught by faculty with strong connections in the business community. You learn how to work within a team, either as a leader or a team member and are exposed to diverse viewpoints and ideas that help you to improve problem solving skills and your collaborative style."
Some of the best ways to do an MBA?
You immediately need to complete your undergraduate course in business. A candidate’s experience at work is also crucial. A minimum of two years of work experience is desirable. You must appear for the Graduate Management Admission Test. Applications are evaluated on the basis of your performance in this examination.
You must also submit the admission fee and provide the score that you secured in your GMAT examination. Your application will stand out if you can provide letters of recommendation, resume, interview and possibly a personal essay clarifying your purpose and reasons for your interest in the specific course.
If you are not interested to wage into the long preparation of the exam there is another way that can fast track your MBA Degree. Diploma in Business management is the key to complete your MBA in the shortest possible way. It is a level 7 programme that enables you to acquire the necessary credits that take you straight to the final year of your MBA. Thus you do not have to worry about any entrance exam scores.
In fact with numerous universities and colleges giving you the opportunity to study the course online you can actually balance your study with your work.
Diploma in Business management online is one the best ways to gain the valuable work experience that helps you score brownie points when you move up the career ladder.
What is the duration of this course?

On an average an MBA is completed in almost two years. It may vary depending on the duration of the course’s programs, classes and the estimated time that is required by that specific school. You may have to attend classes on a part-time or on a full time basis.
However, when you are studying online the duration becomes a bit more flexible depending on the school or college you are enrolling.
What added benefits will you get when you apply for this course and start learning?

The added benefits include creating a strong network with fellow students and a good relation with supportive teachers who constantly guide and encourage the students. This has a positive impact on the career of the students.

There are ample choices from which you can choose your area of specialization and there are skills that you can acquire. All you need to do is fill in the application and start learning. So what are you waiting for?  

Friday, 24 October 2014

How An Apprenticeship Degree Can Fetch You In-Demand Employment

Students are flocking towards colleges and higher education with one aim in mind- to get employment. They are also looking for courses that will help them secure work experience along with the development of certain work-centric skills. There are jobs that are highly demanded and are known as middle skill jobs.
What Are Middle-Skill Jobs?

It is a job that requires education and training beyond high school, but not a complete four-year bachelor's degree. The basic salary for these jobs is about $30,000 to $80,000, which excludes overtime.
The jobs that fall under this category are jobs that are available in the IT sector, medical service coders, welding, nursing, carpentry, plant technician and HVAC work.
These jobs may be listed under the category of traditional blue-collar fields. In recent times it has been observed that these workers earn greater salaries than their white-collar peers in office cubicles. When an advertisement for a job is available in the newspaper, it is mentioned that a bachelor's degree is desirable, but in truth what employers are seeking is a degree "or equivalent experience." It has been predicted that they will grow at a faster pace the rest of the decade.
Lisa Katz, executive director of the Workforce Intelligence Network stated that vocational programs should not be an alternative track for the non-college bound. They should be a track for everybody.
How Does This Job Actually Work?

Students experience a combination of classroom work with on-the-job training. The employer, who interviewed and hired them, pays for its apprentice's tuition and hourly wage. They receive free training and receive an advanced associate's degree at the end of three years. They work for the employer who sponsored them for at least two years.
What Are The Prospects In Recent Times?

It has been observed that employers offer intensive courses in computer programming and information technology skills for minority women in selected U.S. cities.
Another inference by the coalition projects is that entry-level jobs requiring middle skills will grow 3.8% in southeast Michigan by 2019. That is faster than similar jobs that would require a bachelor's degree or more education (1.4% growth).
There will be a higher demand for middle-skill workers, particularly those in the IT field, health care sector and the skilled trades.
There will be a 5.8% growth in jobs requiring some post-HS training or associate's degree, but don't pay $15 or more.
There will be a 1.2% decrease in the acceptance of a High school diploma or less.
What Is The Opinion Of Students?

One such student, named Brian Huber, found admission to the MichiganAdvanced Technician Training program to be had undergone the entire process of being hired, trained and he signed a contract with his company for two years. Huber found the job of an auto parts maker to be promising. He appreciated the fact that after the course was over he had the security of a job.
So you can see how important these middle jobs are. It is also lucrative for those who are currently employed to try and complete their higher education online since you can work and study simultaneously and gather the experience that is needed for your job.
Save Time-Learn Online

Online learning is a smart option since you can complete your education after work by completing the assignments at home. There is no need to go to a classroom. You might have the constraint of finances and maybe your university is located far away so it is impossible to work and study.
You can choose the online course and your evaluation will be provided online. After that you will only witness progress and self-fulfilment.  

Monday, 13 October 2014

How are Business CoursesTransforming The Lives Of M.Ds ?

You are a successful doctor. You are delighted by your profession as a healer and you have helped millions of people by treating them and by prescribing the best medicines. Yet you feel that the infrastructure of your medical unit or hospital or wherever you are employed needs special attention.
Areas such as primary care need special attention. One needs to understand the business of healthcare, from team management to budgeting and accounting.
Having a Diploma can help you earn more money. It can help you stay employed. It is an indication to your employer that you're willing to do extra work to succeed.
Why are business courses essential even if you have an M.D?

Maria Chandler, the president of the Association of M.D./M.B.A. Programs and herself a recipient of both degrees, mentioned that the degree combination “fast tracks” graduates who aspire to reach the zenith of their career. The current nominee for surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, who is thirty six year old, holds both degrees, has successfully established multiple organizations.
Those with dual degrees have a particular edge when it comes to hospital administration, a field that has traditionally employed M.B.A.s as leaders and M.D.s as middle managers.
According to a New York Times analysis in May, the average annual salary for a hospital administrator is $237,000, compared with an average of $185,000 for a clinical physician. A 2011 study found that hospitals with physician CEOs outperformed those with non-medical leadership.
Vinod Nambudiri, a fifth-year internal medicine and dermatology resident at BWH and a graduate of Harvard’s joint M.D./M.B.A. program stated that “Just like you wouldn’t want a school superintendent to never have taught, you don’t want the person leading your hospital to never have taken care of a patient.”
The number of joint M.D./M.B.A. programs in America has grown from six to 65 in 20 years. (From 2011 and 2012 alone, the number increased by 25 percent.) More than half of M.D./M.B.A. programs started after the year 2000, and most offer a cost-effective course of a five-years duration.
The M.D./M.B.A. may also be attracting more high-performing students to the specialty of primary care. Business-minded types often search for problems that need solving, and primary care gives them plenty of opportunity for that.
Gellis started the grassroots network Primary Care Progress. In primary care, doctors may be able to work a combination of clinical hours and entrepreneurial work hours.
The benefits run both ways: Chandler says that earning an M.D. may help make business-minded people more careful and compassionate. Businesses who hire M.D./M.B.A.s tell her that these graduates are “ethical businessmen” who use the medical creed to influence their actions in the business world.
Fast Track your Business Degree

Getting yourself enrolled in business diploma courses is one very flexible way of fulfilling your desire of getting a BA/MBA Degree. It gives the student an opportunity to save time and money and move straight to their final year of their Bachelors or Masters in Business. Plus opting for them through online study is enormously beneficial for professionals in the medical profession since time is a big concern for them.
An online diploma programme provides them the necessary flexibility and independence that allows them to juggle their professional responsibilities or their MD degree along with their online study.
the mode of study is quite easy, all course material, lectures, discussions, explanations and references will be provided online.
You will find completing both your M.D and your business course to be less cumbersome. These courses that are approved by renowned awarding bodies are the single best option for study. This is because then finding employment in any medical unit will not be a great challenge.
The Diploma in Business Studies aims to provide students with the ability to develop lines of argument and make sound judgments in accordance with basic theories and concepts of the subject area and the ability to communicate these accurately to a range of peers.
A range of personal and professional skills that can be used in a wide range of situations and contexts is acquired by an aspiring student. Support and guidance to develop as independent learners is achieved and you acquire a range of transferrable skills.
You will discover how challenging it is to be an administrator of any hospital. It will give you a clearer perspective of the lives of human beings.

If you have any comments for us, don’t hesitate to send us a feedback.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

How Children are Learning Thanks To Technological Discoveries

You must have seen how classrooms are rapidly changing and how they are transforming into a technology based environment that is sparking the interest of young learners. It is interesting how the burden of carrying textbooks to class and having to scribble every last word pronounced by a teacher is slowly being replaced by easier methods.
Business schools are also on the lookout of such technological advancements and developments. So how is technology being integrated in an academic or vocational course?
Tech for the Taught

We are introducing young learners to the world of laptops, gadgets and other such devices. They can be useful to students in the following manner:
Nearly a third of students say they like to use their laptops for work in class and almost 40% of college aged students agree with that thought.
Only 20% of students in school use their mobile device and college students use them even less at 15%.
For use outside the classroom, both student types prefer their laptops for homework over their mobile devices.
How is technology useful to teachers?

Interactive whiteboards or Smart Boards and projectors are generally preferred and are frequently used in the classroom by teachers. It is favoured in colleges (48%) rather than in high schools (36%). This is a recent survey that was conducted to determine how popular they were and how widely accepted they were in society.
The most popular software, Microsoft Office is used the most by both educators and students. College students use the program more at 84%.
Rezzly, (formerly Gogo Labs), is a company that provides assistance to teachers in order to turn their lesson plans into quest-based games for their students. Rezzly’s cofounder, Lisa Dawley, is a former teacher, university administrator and gaming enthusiast.
Lisa, being a visionary could understand how important it was to introduce this student and teacher friendly opportunity for them to grow. Research has shown how important it is in the lives of students to learn while not assuming that the teaching learning process is a burden.
She is a genius to have understood the psychology of the young and bright minds that are going to develop new ideas for a better future.
Is this allowing students to be honest at all times? Especially before exams?

According to thestudents surveyed, far more (72%) say they’re more likely to be distracted by use of tech outside of the classroom than in it (46%).
Cheating isn’t such a big deal apparently either. 29% believe that cheating has moderately increased because of tech devices with only 10% saying it’s increased significantly.
So you can see how technology has changed the face of education and there is a constant trend of improvement and discovering new possibilities for aspiring youngsters.

What is your opinion about technology integrated education? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Why learning English online is the new trend?

Are you studying online yet? If not, it is about time you start pursuing your degree online and achieve your career goals without investing excessive time or money. 

With the advancement of technology, online learning has become one of the most popular modes of earning an accredited qualification for many students and professionals across the globe. Why? Simply because it allows you to advance your education without making any drastic changes to your personal and professional life. As online courses offer a lot of convenience and flexibility, its demand has been increasing quickly worldwide.

Learning English The Online Way

Recently, over 100,000 individuals have enrolled for a single web-based course that offers English language tuition to the students. The introductory programme from the British Council, is their first attempt at MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which provides lessons free of charge. Among the people who have already signed up for the 6 week course, students from Russia, Burma and Spain are highest in numbers.

According to the British Council, this online course is among the largest English language classes worldwide. More than 33 per cent of these English language students are pursuing the education programme through their smartphones.

Tapping Into The Global Demand

Sara Pierson, head of English partnerships at the British Council, claims that the web-based programme has “tapped into the global demand.” She said “English is spoken at a useful level by one in four people worldwide - and we know that even more people all over the world want to learn English.”

MOOCs were initially adopted by some of the leading universities in the world which offered numerous programmes online to students anywhere in the world. In fact some of the online university courses have acquired excessively high students’ base, with some institutes having over 200,000 students.

A Global Virtual Classroom

However, several educational establishments have also started to develop online courses for students. In fact, the British Council has partnered with prominent UK-based online education provider, FutureLearn, to create and deliver the English course.

Kathryn Skelton of FutureLearn commented “Learners are taking the course from countries like Burma and Algeria, where internet penetration is relatively low, yet the appetite for learning English is clearly thriving.”

The online language course has already attracted learners from 178 nations, with Spain being the highest contributor of students. The United Kingdom is also in the top 10 list. Moreover, there are large groups of students from India, Vietnam, China and Colombia as well. A study of the programme, which utilises online tutors and video to deliver course content, reveals that male students are outnumbered by female students by less than one to two. It is probably the first time they are pursuing an online programme for nearly three quarters. It was also found that the biggest group of students were educators.

You will not be required to pay any tuition fee for pursuing the course neither there will be any examination at the end. Instead you will receive a “statement of participation.”

Are You Going To Enrol For The Programme? 

So what do you think about the new online English course from the British Council? Do you think this course can help you in honing your English skills? Let us know what you feel by sharing your views and opinions in the comments section below.