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Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Top 6 High Paid Jobs Worldwide

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Can money really bring happiness? The money we make must be an element of living a healthy life, while we should be doing something we are fond of doing. When it comes to making or saving or spending, money is the first thing that comes in our mind but still it is not the sole factor which determines our satisfaction with the task we do. However, money is the principle motivator for innumerable life decisions, especially in the case of jobs and careers.

Lets make a tour of the top 6 high-salaried jobs globally, that the employees receive worldwide every year mainly based on their professional experiences as well as on their international experiences tying culture, audience, and media strategies combined.

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1.Engineering jobs- Engineering jobs, like- civil, mechanical, electrical, petroleum, automobile, marine and software engineering are one of the most profitable and highest paid jobs in the market. The reason is because engineers are in demand and this makes engineering a demanding career for a school- passout, especially who has excelled in science as well as maths. An engineer with some experience get salaries often exceeding $100k each year. But, one must have a degree to become an engineer.

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2.Chartered Accountancy Jobs (CA)- Chartered accountancy jobs are plentiful and is considered as one of the most secured and respected professions in the world. So, working as a chartered accountant is truely demanding. It can be a wonderful career to start with, especially those who had taken up commerce in their class 11 and 12 levels. The average salary of chartered accounts starts from 20,000$ to 35,000$ per year.

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3. Nursing jobs- Due to the satisfactory starting salaries available in nursing jobs, you will always find nurses highly in demand and that demand is expected to rise in the future as the population increases and thus there has been hardly any complaints against any salary problem from their side till now. But, one needs to complete a B.Sc nursing degree for getting nursing jobs. One can expect to make $47,000 per year and as a nurse trainer one can $64,000 per year.

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4. Physicians- Physicians are the top of the health care food chain – it’s their responsibility to diagnose and treat patients, and instruct on proper diet, hygiene and disease prevention. Like other jobs in this industry, physicians will see abundant job growth. The BLS forecasts 123,300 new job openings for physicians from 2012 to 2022.

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5. Aviation jobs- We all know that is the limit for the right candidate. An aviation job is a smart career option in any job market. Aviation jobs are highly competitive and they are offered only by a few prestigious institutes in the country. You can pursue your dream of flying high only if are fluent in English and you can afford stint. The average Salary for Aviation careers are: 40,000$ for Commercial pilot, 30,000$ for Helicopter pilot and 25,000$ for Aircraft maintenance engineer per year.

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6. IT Manager jobs- It is also a very demanding job now-a-days.The responsibility of an IT manager is to look after information technology(IT) and computer-related works for a firm. Their pay depends on their experience. A skillful IT manager can command a salary with a good upside potential. The salary starts from $123,950.


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