Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Is Studying Online a Wise Solution to Cut Down Costs of College Education?

Who likes facing issues that relate to increasing college costs? Affording college education today has no doubt become a daunting task and the same has been felt by a good number of US colleges and universities. They have clearly revealed their financial inability to educate their students. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the most popular technology-intensive research university reported that they spend three times more to educate undergraduates that actually stands equivalent to that spent in taking tuition.

Is MOOC the ultimate solution to rising college costs?

For educating innovators in science and engineering and thereafter pushing the research frontier, an institution requires making lump sum investments. Students must be provided expensive instruments and exclusive facilities, and to meet all these demands, it’s pretty obvious for a university to become financially stable. In this respect, what people have started wondering is whether a Massive Open Online Course can be the ultimate solution.

Undoubtedly, MOOCs have gained supreme significance at almost every nook and corner of the world in the past few years. Today, thousands of students can access these courses right from their native lands and that too within their means. However, academic administrators still keep raising questions whether these courses would really be able to help career aspirants achieve their respective goals at a comparatively low cost. Can MOOCs act as the best substitute for a university education?

MOOCs are a possibility

MOOCs might indeed create a possibility. However, what should be done first is to know how to make use of digital tools that can make higher education better and more effective. Imagine what would happen after 10 to 12 years from now if instructors start applying digital learning tools in their respective classrooms and train their students accordingly. The classrooms in the year 2025 then will receive education that will score high in all aspects, whether it’s related to accessibility, effectiveness or budget.

The MIT success story

It was the year 2002 when MIT initiated OpenCourseWare with the intention to post all their course materials online for free. The result was brilliant. About 150 million learners from far and wide enrolled in this course. Today, career aspirants from almost every state in America as well as from other corners of the world are taking MIT classes online.

In regard to the education costs, the ones who also fall prey to financial challenges are the business management course pursuers. Some are either led to quit jobs to enrol in a pricey course while some relocate abroad to get admitted in reputed business schools. Well, digital learning once again can play a key role here in bringing tremendous opportunities to:

  • Help students obtain similar learning experiences like those obtained in brick and mortar business schools
  • Make use of new learning tools and smarter business approaches
  • Access interactive modules that involve rich communication between students and instructors

source: ti.me/1b8yuVR

Online business schools are doing wonders

Interestingly, students are now taking pleasure in studying from business schools under UK universities online. In fact, these institutions are scoring high in not only making students study flexibly but ensuring that they acquire quality learning experiences within an affordable budget. An online business school gives the undergraduates and postgraduates the opportunity to pay per module and save a considerable amount of money which they would have otherwise invested in a full-time business management course. They can pay their fees for the next module as and when they complete each module. This concept is quite helpful for those unable to pay the whole fees at one go.

Other than students, working professionals wanting to further their qualifications in the field of business find this to be a very apt solution. Their busy schedule does not permit them to undertake further study through full time mode. By undertaking their course through an online business school they are able to adjust their work and study quite easily.

So, you can see how digital or online learning can act as a great saviour in helping your develop your career prospects within your means. In fact, what can be a better option than choosing to study in an accredited online learning institution that gives you the flexibility to pay for only those modules and assessments which you require? Don’t you consider it a smarter option than attending classes for hours in a brick and mortar institution and paying a huge course fee? Think about it before you take a leap!!

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